Pop RocksFilled Cake Pops Are Perfect For Your Fourth Of July Party

The Fourthof July is always such a fun time. Aside from it being the birthday for our great nation, it’s full of barbecue, tasty desserts, and, of course, fireworks. There’s nothing quite like gathering together with your closest friends and family for a tasty meal followed by some sparkling explosives… from a safe distance, of […]

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If You Want To Match These Celebrity Eyebrows To Their Owners, Thats Up To You

Well provide the brows, but thats it. Get a load of this hunky pair of guybrows! And if you want to find out which stars they are, go ahead. We wont stop you. Whose bushy, beautiful brows could these be? Its your call if you want to figure that out, but dont expect us to […]

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9 Easy Little Things Men Can Do To Make Themselves More Attractive To Women

Fellas, make these little tweaks, then prepare yourself for a dating onslaught. 1. Comb your hair so that its always pointing in a womans direction: This is just a small adjustment to your morning routine, but it will drive the ladies wild! 2. Learn about cars: Theres nothing sexier than a guy who can walk […]

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Find Out What John Green, Susan Sarandon, And Josh Dallas Have To Say

Ever wonder whats on the mind of todays most notable people? Well, dont miss our unbelievable roundup of the best and most talked about quotes of the day: “Anyone who says socks cant be haunted has obviously never been to Haunted Sock Gulch, Haunted Sock Cavern, or Haunted Sock, Utah.” —Susan Sarandon Unprompted

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Incredible: This Man Lets His Departing Roommate Take All The Pans Even Though Hes Pretty Sure One Of The Pans Is His

Get ready to see something truly incredible. Even though this amazing man is, like, 99 percent sure that one of the pans was a gift from his mom, he still says nothing as his soon-to-be former roommate packs up all the cooking stuff in a box. Watch below, and try not to be impressed! Our […]

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Woman Converts Old-School Bus Into Traveling Business

I remember as a college student wondering why I was forced to sit through another day of calculus when the real world was just around the corner.I had no intention of utilizing complicated mathematics for my chosen career path. I wanted to learn about doing my taxes and balancing a checkbook. The burden of fiscal […]

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Loving Dog Owner Creates A Beautiful Dog Bed All By Hand

Sometimes, it seems like our pets will sleep anywhere. While it may appear thatdogs prefer sleeping on the floor just as much as a soft luxurious cushion, we choose to believe that they feel particularly pampered when they get to sleep in their own cozy beds like this little dog’s princess pallet. One creative Instructables […]

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Artist Creates Super Realistic Wood Carvings Of Everyday Foods

Everyone loves food. It makes sense that we spend a lot of time thinking about and appreciating it we need it to live! And what better way to celebrate something that we love so much than creating art in its honor? Many people do, in fact. Sometimes, they turn food into art, like the incredible […]

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22-Pound Lump Of Butter Offers Insight Into Distant Past

If you were just about to pitch that stick of butter thats about to expire, hold on just one moment; recent news out of Ireland might just make you reconsider. A young man in County Meath made headlines this week after recovering 22 pounds of incredibly special butter, butter that was churned roughly 2,000 years […]

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Mason Jar Cherry Pies Are An Adorable And Delicious Mini Dessert

As someone who enjoys a good craft, I have plenty of Mason jars filling my cupboards. They are a great source material for projects with kids or even something as handy as Mason jar bug repellent. But it never dawned on me that these incredible jars could be used for making one of a kind […]

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