Chilling: ISIS Just Revealed That Theyve Acquired A Dunk Tank

ISIS has proved time and time again that there is no act too barbaric to perpetuate its message of hate and violence, but the latest announcement from the terrorist group just might be its most atrocious move to date. In a shocking new video released yesterday, ISIS has revealed that its acquired a dunk tank. […]

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Rescue Dog Adopts An Abandoned Mother Cat And Her Tiny Babies

Rescued animals are a special breed of animal. After suffering unspeakable kinds of abuse, these rescued animals take a while to recover and learn how to trust again. Some rescue animals immediately turn around in personality once they are in a loving home. It’s light a light switch has been flicked on. A dog that […]

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Teacher Saves A Kitten Who Was Stuck In A 50-Foot Tree For 11 Days

There is almost nothing more clich than hearing about a cat stuck up in a tree. Have you ever wondered how they get stuck up there? Cats are excellent climbers and impressive jumpers, so how do they manage to getstuck so often? In order to save a cat from atree they are stuck in, it […]

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Adorable 90-Year-Old World War II Veteran Finally Graduates From College

Graduating from college is one of the biggest accomplishments in your life. It doesn’t matter if you graduated early, on time, or much later than expected. As long as you graduate, you have reason to celebrate. One graduate at Laurentian University has more reason than most to celebrate. At 90 years old, Lawrence is the […]

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Korean War Veteran Receives A 63-Year-Old Long-Lost Envelope In The Mail

In 1953, Bill Awalt was an army combat engineer fighting in the Korean War. He was only 22 years old when he almost lost his leg during an accident while in Japan. The next thing he remembered was waking up in aJapanese hospital bed. He wrote a letter to his family in Halifax, Nova Scotia, […]

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Woman Creates Masks For Sick Children To Help Them Feel Brave During Tough Times

Cancer is very scary. For adults, it can be one of the scariest words to ever hear. But for a child, they can only understand that everyone around them is afraid of the word, they don’t really understand why. Children going through chemotherapy and radiation have to build up as much strength as possible to […]

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A Baby Camel Takes His First Steps At A Zoo In Hungary

Nature really is wonderful. There is so much that animals do all on their own that us sissy humans could never imagine doing without the help of, say, a grocery store or medication. Imagine having to scavenge for all of your own food out in the wild, or having to protect your little baby with […]

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Paint Your Walls Pretty With This Simple DIY Ombre Effect

Looking to spruce up a room in your home? This is the perfect creative solution to turning a blank wall space into a fun, colorful feature. Annabelle from YouTube channel “CatCreature” shows us how to make a beautiful DIY Ombre Wall, which she created in her bedroom. Annabelle turns her stark-white wall into a peaceful, […]

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Why This Poorly-Designed House is Driving Everyone Crazy

Is this the most poorly designed house in America? A photo of a newly built home in North Carolina, situated in a brand new subdivision, was first posted to Reddit in March 2016. The photo of the home’s “hilarious design flaw” went viral, baffling people all over the nation. Look closely and you’ll see the […]

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Britney Spears And Michael Jackson Bring Down The House In This Amazing Old Video

Michael Jackson was and will always remain the King of Pop. There were pop stars before him and there have been many, many pop stars since him, but no one has come close to Michael’s talent. For over four decades, Michael Jackson had a career that earned him many different titles and accolades, but the […]

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