Americans go to the polls in the strangest places in pictures

Millions of Americans have voted in the elections today, in places as disparate as garages, lifeguard stations and hair salons Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/gallery/2016/nov/08/strange-polling-places-us-election-gallery

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How comedians struggled to parody Donald Trump

There were no shortage of jokes about the Republican candidate but despite comics best efforts, Trump often placed himself beyond satire This election season has inspired acres of commentary aboutSamantha Bee has had a good election: her fire-and-brimstone comedy about the evils of Trump and his ilk has given her a powerful new voice sure […]

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John Prine: ‘I’m not writing poetry, I’m writing lyrics’

One of the great American songwriters, Prine has been hailed by Bob Dylan and collected his share of awards. Now, hes recording with a new generation On the day World Series win by the Chicago Cubs, their first in 108 years. A parade, a rally, and then hours of unhinged, but peaceful, revelry fill the […]

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MLS is far from perfect but Italy are missing a trick with Sebastian Giovinco

Major League Soccer is no match for the top European leagues but playing in the States doesnt mean you will fail at international level When Giampiero Ventura his predecessors sentiments by declaring that Giovincos decision to play in MLS hurt his chances of being selected. I have done everything to help him but the reality […]

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The sorry case of Sammy Lee, Sam Allardyce and FA double standards

Lee is helping to prepare the England team this week after being found to have lied in court but Allardyce, whose covertly filmed comments broke no rules, lost his job and the FA looks weak as well as inconsistent The Football Association taken successfully to the court of appeal by one doggedly determined agent, Tony […]

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Schindler’s List factory to be turned into Holocaust memorial

A Czech foundation plans to restore the dilapidated factory and create a Holocaust memorial and an exhibition depicting Schindlers life A disused factory in the Czech Republic where German industrialist Oskar Schindler employed more than a thousand Jews to save them from the gas chambers is to host a Holocaust memorial, officials have said. Parts […]

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Stock markets on edge as US presidential election heads for tense climax live

Will the 2016 race for the White House spring a Brexit-style surprise for the financial world? Follow all the developments live Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/business/blog/live/2016/nov/09/stock-markets-on-edge-as-us-presidential-election-heads-for-tense-climax

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Italian law requiring children to take father’s name ‘unlawful’

Court judgment welcomed by campaigners as milestone in battle against outdated patriarchal views in Italy Italian rules that mean children of married couples are automatically given only their fathers surname are unlawful, the countrys constitutional court has ruled. The judgment was welcomed by campaigners as a milestone in

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Automation will embed gender inequality at work unless we fix it now

Women will again lose out with the rise of robots unless we all do more to value feminised labour, remove barriers to women participating fully and advance our thinking as much as our tech Predictions about the future tend to run to the extremes. Some people think that artificial intelligence will liberate us from work, […]

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Seven ways you’re ruining your food, and why knife skills are life skills | Adam Liaw

Too much of this, too little of that its not hard to screw up your cooking. But how can a blunt knife ruin your food? Simple Being a good cook isnt a magical skill that allows you to conjure delicious food from nothing. The truth is, ingredients taste pretty great anyway, and good cooking is […]

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