Berry Pawpsicles: Perfect For The Cool Pooch In Your Life!

If you have a beloved pup in your life, you know how tough summertime can be on our four-legged friends. After all, the heat waves and muggy nights are tough on ordinary people, so just imagine how much worse it is for furry dogsthat dont know how to work the A/C! Fortunately, there are dozens […]

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Ice Cream Muffins Are The Perfect Four-Ingredient Dessert

Muffin lovers, rejoice! The secret to perfectly puffy, deliciousmuffins has finally been discovered, and baking fans don’t have to concoct a complicated batter in order to achieve them. They require only four ingredients, one of which you will be thrilled to keep stockedin your kitchen. Three of the ingredients are pretty standard: flour, baking powder, […]

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These Baked Eggs In A Scone Turn Two Breakfast Favorites Into One

Anyone who knows me is very well of the fact that am such a foodie: I’m always looking for the latest trends in food, the most inspired recipes, and the strangest ingredients from around the world! You can find me at the most popular restaurants in town, trying everything I can from their menus. But […]

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Cheesy Canadian Bacon Cups Are A Big Hit For Brunch

There’s nothing like a classic late breakfast consisting of bacon, egg, and cheese on a leisurely weekend morning. Or early afternoon, if that’s how you roll! The possibilities for combining these ingredients are endless, and so are all the things you can add in for extra flavor. And out of all those possibilities? They’re all […]

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Families Help Explain That There Is No Down To Down Syndrome

Raising a child is always scary, but when you’re raising a child born with a disability, sometimes you are petrified and thrust into a world that you do not know how to handle. Which is why videos like this are so important, the things that these families have to say about their children with disabilities […]

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Mother Takes Amazing Photos Of Her Own Labor

Photographs of mothers in labor are an incredibly intimate preview to parenthood. While they’re witnessing their babies being born, parents’ emotions are incredibly honest and raw. No two couples are alike, especially in the delivery room. Some mothers are incredibly calm, while some fathers become completely emotional, even if they have to watch from miles […]

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11 Beautiful Lessons We All Learn In Life

In life, we all pick up a few lessons along the way. Some, we learn from our elders, like these incredible old-fashioned skills. And others, we gain through our own hard-won experiences. No matter what, these pieces of wisdom help shape our lives and help us see the world through a wider lens. After all, […]

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Cheerleaders Engagement Photo Takes The Internet By Storm

Getting engaged, in and of itself, is typically an unforgettable experience. But acouple getting engagedwhiletaking an amazing engagement photo that sends the internet into a viral tizzy? You’ve got yourself the makings of a family legend. WhenAdam Sunderhaus andAshley Vennetti, two University of Kentucky cheerleading alums, recently got engaged, theysubsequentlytook a crazy photo to celebrate […]

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Hidden Kitty Litter Box Helps Keep Litter Off Your Floors

No one can denythat having a pet, any kind of pet, enriches your life and makes your home a little homier. And there’s nothing like coming home to a furry friend at the end of a long day. But like anything, having a pet also comes with a unique set of responsibilities. Sometimes that even […]

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