McConnell ‘committed to supporting’ Trump

Washington (CNN)Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he’s committed to supporting Donald Trump’s presidential bid. But, the Kentucky Republican wrote, he has expectations of Trump — who he said “now has the opportunity and the obligation to unite our party around our goals.”

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Man allegedly lured Navajo girl in to van to sexually assault her but left her to die

Affidavit says he removed her clothes, preparing to sexually assault her, then hit her twice in the head with a crowbar because she begged to be taken home A man who allegedly lured an 11-year-old girl and her brother, nine, into his van, attempted to sexually assault her, and left her to die in the […]

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Windows 10 updates are now ruining pro-gaming streams

Forcing a gaming PC to update mid-game during a livestream to up to 130,000 followers isnt best advert for the software Perhaps theres nothing more annoying than going in for the kill to suddenly be automatically install midway through a forecast, Windows 10 is starting to wreak havoc with gamers. Ex-professional Counter Strike player turned […]

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Holocaust survivors ‘dying in poverty while awaiting compensation’

Campaigners call on 47 countries to honour pledge made seven years ago to ensure restitution for theft of property Tens of thousands of Holocaust survivors are spending the final years of their lives in financial hardship while waiting for governments across Europe to compensate them for property stolen during the Nazi era. Despite a declaration […]

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California governor signs bill raising smoking age to 21

Buying tobacco for smoking, dipping, chewing and vaping by 18- to 20-year-olds will no longer be allowed in the state starting 9 June The governor of California on Wednesday approved raising the age to buy tobacco for smoking, dipping, chewing and vaping from 18 to 21. Democratic governor Jerry Brown said he signed the measure […]

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Argentina ‘dirty war’ suspect Omar Graffigna goes on trial aged 90

Former head of Argentinas air force and two ex-subordinates charged over disappearance of activist couple during 1976-1983 dictatorship The former head of Argentinas air force and two ex-subordinates are on trial for alleged abduction and disappearance of activists during the

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Animals die as Cambodia is gripped by worst drought in decades

Schools face water shortages and government says entire nation is affected as rainy season is forecast to be delayed by months Behind a clutch of huts that hug the major route between Cambodias capital and its famed Angkor temples, rice farmers Phem Phean and Sok Khoert peer into a cement hollow. It is several meters […]

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India’s long wait for justice: 27 million court cases trapped in a legal logjam

Calls for wholesale reform of legal system with delays costing the country trillions rupees every year Ashish Kumar last saw his brother Vinod when he was being driven away by a senior police officer in Ludhiana, in northern India. Vinods body was never found but the CBI, Indias intelligence agency believes that the officer, Sumedh […]

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How Germany approaches guns

(CNN)It’s been more than seven years since a 17-year-old dressed in military gear killed 15 people in a shooting spree in Winnenden, Germany, a picturesque little town just outside of Stuttgart. Since then, a rare shooting tragedy in Germany, the country has implemented a national firearms registry, requiring the owners of 5.5 million legally owned […]

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The ‘Underground Astronauts’ in search of new human species

(CNN)Hidden deep within the black innards of a South African cave lay human evolution’s equivalent of Tutankhamun’s tomb. Here lay a treasure trove of 15 skeletons — eight children, five adults and two adolescents — all members of a previously unknown species of human ancestor. In the field of paleontology, uncovering just one complete skeleton […]

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