The Sex Move You Just Cant Resist, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Cancer (June 22nd to July 22nd) An erotic massage, preferably with a scented candle that melts into an aromatic oil, so you can prolong the sensuality for as long as possible. Scorpio (October 23rd to November 22nd) Side-by-side masturbating because there’s nothing more intimate for you than revealing a secret, and the way you approach […]

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The Stupid Shit You Do While Drunk, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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11 Things You Need To Know Before You Date A Gemini

1. Geminis are the most passionate people in the Zodiac. If you date them, be prepared for life to be a little bit like a musical, but (mostly) without all the bursting into song. Exciting things will happen, the time, at least according to your Gemini. If you’re going to be a stick in the […]

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11 Things You Need To Know Before You Date A Taurus

1. This is the most obvious thing about a Taurus, but you need to take it seriously: good luck changing their minds. If you’re the kind of person that likes to argue and persuade, you’re up against a lifetime of unhappiness if you choose a Taurus. They know what they want, and they know their […]

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5 Couples Explain Why They Broke Up (And Why They Got Back Together)

1. “We were together all four years of high school. When college time came around, we got into schools on opposite sides of the country. Everyone was telling us that breaking up made more sense. We were so young and college was constantly explained as a time for our individual exploration. We both felt so […]

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Dont Give Him Too Much Credit Too Soon

Theres this thing I do. When I met a man I have a wild connection with, and hope and desire and romanticism flysI sometimes in my excitement, fall into fantasy. Fantasy of what our dogs name will be, how he will look chopping wood in a flannel shirt at my cabin–where we will own our […]

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Everybody Wants Love But No One Is Actually Ready For It

I don’t think anyone is totally for love. No one is but they’re not all out either. Everybody just wants the attention, the butterflies, the passion and the steamy kisses but no one wants the compromises, the fights, the effort, the hard work you have to put into a relationship to make it work. The […]

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Separated Puppy Brothers Reunite And Cant Get Enough Of Each Other

At just 8weeks old, Boston terrier and pug mix puppy brothers, Finnegan and Murphy, wereeach shippedoff in different directions. Murphy was adopted by his original Mississippi-based owners’ friends right off the bat, whereas Finnegan ventured off to New Jersey, rescued by Southern Paws Inc. In New Jersey, Erin Ryan and her twosisters, all living together, […]

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Cold Showers: The Seven Surprising Health Benefits Everyone Should Know

I think it’s safe to say that most of us associate cold showers with extreme discomfort and stress. We’ve all experienced the bone-chilling jolt of icy cold water spilling down our back at one time or another, usually as a result of the hot water running out or someone accidentally flushing the toilet. Our bodies […]

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Target Employees Help Teen Nail His First Job Interview

There’s nothing better than a kind stranger. When someone you’ve never met before goes out of his or her way to help you, it does something to restore your faith in the universe. Even if it’s just a smile on the street or holding the door until you’re able to reach it, these small gestures […]

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