Vanessa White on life after The Saturdays – BBC News

Inside, Vanessa’s producers are ready and waiting, sorting through various tracks they’re hoping she might choose for her forthcoming EP. But first, the singer has a confession: “I’ve got a sore throat and I’m a bit hung over.” It doesn’t seem to matter. If anything, the consensus is that a husky voice is better for […]

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Theresa May’s Saudi Arabia balancing act – BBC News

When they look at the map of the region they see Iran effectively controlling five Middle Eastern capitals now: Tehran, Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut and Sana’a, and spreading its influence among the Shia populations in Bahrain and along Saudi Arabia’s Gulf coast. So the Saudis want to know that their defence alliance with the UK, as […]

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Donald Trump, Xi Jinping and the Mao factor

Beijing (CNN)When US President Donald Trump greets his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, in person for the first time in Florida this week, the two men may find an unlikely historical figure looming large as they attempt to rebalance the world’s most important bilateral relationship. On the surface, and politics aside, Xi and Trump appear a […]

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Ex-Trump adviser gave energy industry documents to Russian spy, court files show

Carter Page among the associates under scrutiny as FBI and Congress investigate possible Russian ties to the Trump campaign and interference in 2016 election A foreign policy adviser to Donald Trumps presidential campaign met with a Russian intelligence operative in 2013 and provided him documents about the energy industry, according to court filings. The Russian, […]

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Spouses of US immigrants on H-1B visas could lose their right to work

An ongoing lawsuit and a clampdown by the Trump administration has left the status of thousands of skilled workers spouses hanging in the balance Thousands of people mostly women working legally in the United States under Obama-era rules could be forced to stop working under Trump. Currently, if someone has an H-1B visa, which allows […]

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Ex-Google self-driving engineer secretly collaborated with competitors, suit says

New details emerge in Google lawsuit that alleges former employee Anthony Levandowski plotted to steal trade secrets and take them to Uber A former Google employee secretly collaborated with competing self-driving car companies for years before allegedly stealing trade secrets and bringing the proprietary technology to Uber, according to a new court filing. Anthony Levandowski […]

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Chicken run: New Zealand Post will start delivering KFC to beat mail slump

Fast food home delivery is tried out as number of letters sent in New Zealand halves in a decade The New Zealand postal service has begun delivering Kentucky Fried Chicken in a bid to stem major revenue losses as the number of people using the postal service continue to plummet. NZ Post and the fast […]

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Teenagers think Google is cool, study by Google finds

The company funded Its Lit: A guide to what teens think is cool, which found that it was more cool than Vice, Nike and Facebook Todays teenagers think Google and Google brands are cool, research funded by Google has found. Google published pic.twitter.com/ZtCH3Wl6gH Luke Bailey (@imbadatlife) Also, fan of the fact about 40 teens looked […]

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Roman Polanski fails to secure no-jail guarantee in rape case

Judge shut down film-makers request to return to US with immunity from jail, saying he should not receive special treatment as a wealthy celebrity The Oscar-winning director Roman Polanski has failed in his bid to bring an end to his long-running rape case. Polanski pleaded guilty to unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977 […]

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Innovation in AI could see governments introduce human quotas, study says

Report predicts rise in robotics will usher in industrial revolution 4.0 altering working practices and legal frameworks Innovation in artificial intelligence and robotics could force governments to legislate for quotas of human workers, upend traditional working practices and pose novel dilemmas for insuring driverless cars, according to a report by the International Bar Association. The […]

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