Monaco Might Lose Its Status of Personal Income Tax Haven

´╗┐Monaco Might Lose Its Status of Personal Income Tax Haven That Monaco is crowded with celebrities is no piece of news. Since 1869, when the personal income tax policy became favorable, Monaco attracted very many individuals with high net income, such as movie stars, sporting stars etc. who became residents of the Principality in order […]

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What Kind of Campaign Can We Expect From the Candidates?

At this point, the front runners for each of the parties are beginning to make themselves evident – and they’ve already taken a few swipes at each other in the press. So, since we’re about to get to the fun part of campaign commercial seasons, it’s worth taking a look at how each of the […]

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Heres How COVID-19 Attacks The Human Body

With more than 116,000 cases of the new coronavirus globally and over 4,000 deaths (at the time of writing), experts are sounding the alarm on the potential for widespread community transmission at the local level. IFLScience spoke with health experts to understand the potential for the virus to reach pandemic proportions through its unique ability […]

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Hannah Brown Catches Heat For Bragging About Her ‘Contagious’ Smile Amid The Coronavirus Outbreak! – Perez Hilton

Hannah Brown probably had good intentions when she encouraged her followers to smile more in a recent Instagram post… except the former Bachelorette really needs to learn how to read the room! The 24-year-old took to the platform on Friday and shared two new bikini-clad shots of herself smiling ear to ear, including the now-controversial […]

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Angry Radiologist Asks To Share His Message After A Potential Coronavirus Carrier Takes A Plane Full Of People

Here’s how people reacted to the content

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COVID-19 Symptoms Take On Average Five Days To Show, Study Reveals

As case numbers around the world continue to rise, scientists are working hard to better understand the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, that causes the respiratory illness COVID-19. The latest research to be published has estimated a median incubation period, ie the time between exposure to the new coronavirus and when symptoms are displayed, of 5.1 days. […]

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Grey’s Anatomy Twist: Ellen Pompeo DEFENDS Shocking Alex Karev Ending! – Perez Hilton

Spoilers ahead! Fans are NOT happy with Alex Karev’s exit from Grey’s Anatomy, but Ellen Pompeo is! During Thursday night’s episode of the long-running medical drama, we saw the arc for Justin Chambers‘ character come to a close after 16 seasons, though many have been vocally against how it was chosen to be done. Spoiler […]

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The Dixie Chicks Reflect On ‘Cancel Culture’ 17 Years After That Infamous George W. Bush Burn Got Them Blacklisted! – Perez Hilton

As they gear up to release their first studio album in over a decade, the Dixie Chicks are reflecting on “cancel culture” and the drama that forced their group into hiatus many years ago. The country music band, including members Martie Maguire, Emily Robison, and Natalie Maines, made an appearance on Monday’s episode of The Ellen […]

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Single Man Adopts 13-Year-Old Boy After His Adoptive Parents Abandoned Him In A Hospital

But that wasn’t all. Peter’s dad abused the whole family. Both verbally and physically. The man would beat his wife, deny his children food, and as time went by, the abuse got only worse. Peter had to go through a lot of trials and tribulations to create a better future for himself. But he persevered. […]

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Loving You Was A Lot Like That One Time I Dislocated My Shoulder

By By 50 Shades Of Gaslighting: Disturbing Signs An Abuser Is Twisting Your Reality Five Ways We Rationalize Abuse And Why We Need To Stop Read more: https://thoughtcatalog.com/thomanique-hubbard/2020/03/loving-you-was-a-lot-like-that-one-time-i-dislocated-my-shoulder

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