Main Stream Media is Fake News

Are you still watching TV… well bless your heart….

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No to the Sky deal. The Murdochs cant be trusted | Ed Miliband and Vince Cable

The bid by 21st Century Fox is against the public interest Five years ago, after the phone-hacking revelations, the House of Commons unanimously rejected Rupert Murdochs bid for 100% of Sky. A year later, Sky was only passed by Ofcom as being fit and proper to hold a communications licence on the basis that there […]

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UNs ban on child labour is a damaging mistake

Academics say policy ignores benefits and reflects western prejudice A group of international academics has condemned a United Nations convention which bans child labour as harmful and unnecessary, arguing that allowing young children to work can have positive effects which are not being taken into account. In a controversial letter to the Observer, the researchers, […]

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Ex-Mexico star Cuauhtmoc Blanco begins hunger strike over impeachment

Former footballer challenged as mayor of Cuernavaca says hunger strike will continue indefinitely The former Mexico forward Cuauhtmoc Blanco declared a hunger strike on Saturday, to protest an impeachment process that seeks to remove him as mayor of the city of Cuernavaca, a state capital near Mexico City. The proposal to unseat Blanco, who became […]

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Murdochs Sky deal must be blocked, say senior opposition figures

James Murdochs role in media empire means takeover should be halted, say Ed Miliband and Vince Cable proposed takeover of Sky by 21st Century Fox to be blocked,say 2012 Ofcom report was withering about the conduct of James Murdoch when it examined the last attempted take over of Sky, and they urge the phone hacking […]

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Bold, brilliant Indigenous Australian women’s art in pictures

A new exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria puts the work of female artists front and centre Read more:

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Sport picture of the day: Marcelo Luna rides the wave

Brazilian surfer Marcelo Luna drops in on a large wave at Praia do Norte in Nazar, Portugal Read more:

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Facebook’s plan to tackle fake news raises questions over limitations

Operation prompted scrutiny about process and sites apparent unwillingness to pay for fact-checking that relies on users and non-partisan organizations Facebooks new effort to flag news deemed to be fake began on Friday, as new questions emerged about the limitations of the system the social media giant has put in place to outsource the fact-checking […]

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Terrified residents cram on buses for journey into the unknown

Thousands stream through the freezing, shattered streets, fearing Assad supporters will grab the homes they have abandoned Sima Zain left the only home she had ever known with just a backpack of clothes and a couple of favourite pieces of jewellery, travelling on a bus plastered with pictures of her enemys face to an unknown […]

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Uber will not halt self-driving cars out of ‘principle’, defying California officials

Ride-sharing company promised it would not back down after transportation regulators demanded the company stop its trial and threatened legal action Uber declared Friday that its decision to defy an order from California regulators to remove its self-driving cars from the streets of San Francisco was an important issue of principle and promised it would […]

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