Caring Couple Adopts Seven Kids In The Span Of Five Years

A couple’schoice to adopt a baby usually isn’t one made hastily. It takes a lot of careful thought, consideration, and preparation: Are these parents, who may or may not already have biological children, ready to bring these kids, often abused and neglected, into their home? Many couples hear the spiritual call to adopt, while others


Spicing Up Your Food: Eight Unexpected Health Benefits

I don’t know about you, but I love spicy food. To me, no dish is truly complete unless it is satisfyingly singeing my taste buds. Everyone’s tastes are different and some are, understandably, a little averse to food that has the potential to burn their mouth. But if you have been curious about turning up


Moms Nostalgic Photographs Of Her Sons Go Viral

In 2014, Elena Shumilova began taking photos of her sons in the Russian countryside. On a lark, Elena posted her photos online. Little did she know her work would strike a chord with millions of people around the world. As a child, Elena spent her days outside, interacting with nature and falling in love with