Crowds pack out Australian cathedral at centre of alleged terrorist plot

Worshippers fill the midnight service, the Melbourne churchs dean says, forcing latecomers into the forecourt Crowds have packed out Melbournes St Pauls Cathedral despite it being the target of an alleged Christmas Day bombing plot. The dean of St Pauls, Dr Andreas Loewe, who led the midnight service, said 1,500 churchgoers had filled the cathedral, […]

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Entertainment in 2016: A look back

(CNN)As the year comes to a close, there’s no shortage of attempts to identify the people, programs and films that stood out. But sometimes, the sum is greater than any individual parts. And if there’s any year with some running themes, it’s 2016 — for better or worst. Here are a few:

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University stands by ‘Problem of Whiteness’ course

(CNN)The University of Wisconsin-Madison is offering a course next semester called “The Problem of Whiteness,” and it’s not sitting well with a Republican legislator. Wisconsin Rep. Dave Murphy, who is also the chairman of the Assembly Committee on Colleges and Universities, has asked the university to cancel the course, saying it prompts racial division.

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What the UN vote says about how Trump will treat Israel

Washington (CNN)It’s Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu against the world. A dramatic vote Friday at the United Nations Security Council likely marked the final chapter in President Barack Obama’s troubled relationship with Netanyahu. JUST WATCHED Replay More Videos … MUST WATCH

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Carrie Fisher ‘out of emergency’ after reported heart attack on flight to LA

Actor who played Princess Leia out of emergency, says brother, as Mark Hamill and Peter Mayhew express support for Star Wars co-star The actor Carrie Fisher reportedly suffered a heart attack on Friday, on a flight to Los Angeles from London. Her brother, Todd Fisher, told the Associated Press she was out of emergency and […]

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US issues federal warning as Isis calls for attacks on churches over Christmas

FBI warning came after a publicly available list of US churches was posted on a militant social media site Federal authorities warned local law enforcement authorities across the US on Friday that Islamic State sympathizers were continuing to call for attacks on churches and other holiday gathering sites. As they did so, President-elect Donald Trump […]

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This Amazon tribe lived without the outside world. They may be the last | Dan Collyns

Ricardo Stuckerts astounding images reminded me of my experiences meeting isolated indigenous people. With living space diminishing, their future is in peril The Perus culture ministry on our side of the river bank. It was Romel Ponciano, whom they called Yotlotle (which means giant river otter in their language), they were calling for. Having seen […]

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Teargas, trees and oil: my life in the greatest job on earth | John Vidal

In 27 years as environment editor at the Guardian, I have seen both devastation and progress. Now Im retiring but I still have hope for the future of the planet In September 1989, Guardian editor Peter Preston took me to one side. Environment? Your idea. You do it, he said. I was on the arts […]

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California attorney general pursues new pimping charges against Backpage site

The fresh charges, which attorney general Kamala Harris says are based on new evidence, come after an earlier case against the website was thrown out California attorney general Kamala Harris said on Friday she was pursuing new pimping charges against the operators of a website which advertises escort services and which she said operated […]

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Lockheed-Martin stock takes second hit from Trump’s Twitter blitz on F-35 costs

Shares in the defense company neared their lowest level since the election as the president-elect continues to air his gripes about price of the F-35 fighter jet Lockheed-Martin led defense stocks lower on Friday, after President-elect Donald Trumps latest Twitter salvo over the cost of the companys F-35 fighter jet, in which a Trump tweet […]

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