No Way! A Conga Line Of Just Bennys? And Whos The Caboose?

It is as beautiful as you can imagine: a conga line of just Bennys! But who will be the special guest who will become the caboose? Only the one who watches deep upon this video will discover the event! The treasures all await you in the motion clip below! Read more:


Equality FTW: Another Panel Is Being Added To All 23,000 Beetle Bailey Comic Strips Where Beetle Proudly Announces Hes Bisexual

Its time to celebrate, because the long-running comic strip Beetle Bailey has joined the fight for LGBT equality in a major way. The strips publisher, King Features Syndicate, has just announced the addition of an extra panel to every existing Beetle Bailey comicgoing all the way back to the series beginning in 1950in which Beetle