Hilarious Rescue Dog Drags Her Human Into The River

Dogs are well known for their silly attitudes and rambunctious natures, but the rescue puppy inthislittle video just might be the most excitable dog we’ve ever seen! Misty is a beautiful rescue dog who has finally found humans who love and respect her. Well, maybe her human isn’t loving her very much right now, because


Cheating Husbands Karma Comes Back To Bite Him In The Behind!

There have been countless stories detailing how lying, cheating spouses get punished in the exact waythey deserve. Whether their partners eventually find out and exact revenge through humiliation, or boldly confront and talk sense into them, those who have committed wrongdoings always get what’s coming to them. We’ve heard of manyfunny stories before in which


93-Year-Old Woman Heads Back To College And Gets 4.0 GPA

At 93 years old, Amy Craton isn’t necessarily your quintessential college student. Many years ago, Craton wasin college pursuing her degree. However, in time life intervened halting her studies. After weathering a divorce and becoming a single parent responsible for supporting four children, Craton let her studies go and ventured straight into the workforce. And