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Malala calls for defence of Rohingya – BBC News

Human rights “I think we can’t even imagine for a second what it’s like when your citizenship, your right to live in a country, is completely denied,” said Malala. “This should be a human rights issue. Governments should react to it. People are being displaced, they’re facing violence. Image copyright[…]

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Seven Steps to Cold Calling Follow-Up

Follow-Up Here are seven important steps to follow: 1. Don’t assume the sale. Prospects are used to the traditional buyer-seller relationship. They assume you’ll pressure them. Therefore, they may decide not to tell you things that make them vulnerable to pressure. Until you’re sure you know the complete truth, you[…]

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Screw Taylor Swifts Self-Serving Feminism

Taylor Swift Youtube Taylor Swift. How do I describe Taylor Swift? Taylor Swift is flawless and makes no mistakes. And if she does make a mistake,  likely forced her to do it. She has two token squad-friends of color, a white PR boyfriend. I hear she does feminism commercials… Her favorite[…]

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