November 2019


Foreign jets used in Libyan refugee centre airstrike, says UN

Highly probable that nation backing Khalifa Haftar operated jets used in July attack Foreign fighter jets are suspected by United Nations arms experts of launching precision missiles that published by the BBC, led the former British ambassador to Libya, Peter Millett, to call on the UN security council to discuss at ambassadorial level how outside […]

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Joe Giudice Is Fit As F**k Showing Off His Post-Prison Martial Arts Moves For The Camera – Look! – Perez Hilton

Joe Giudice is clearly ready to fight! The Real Housewives of New Jersey star’s The Bravo personality is the subject of several social media videos posted on Wednesday night by his eldest daughter, 18-year-old Gia Giudice, who was clearly proud to show off poppa’s new martial arts knowledge. As you can see (below), Joe is seriously flexible, […]

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Holly Madison & Bridget Marquardt Plan A Sance To Reconnect With Late Hugh Hefner In Honor Of Halloween – Perez Hilton

Did the stars align for Bridget Marquardt and Holly Madison? Because these ladies had BIG Halloween plans this week! The former Girls Next Door stars reportedly reunited for a special séance on Wednesday! In a recent interview, the pair opened up about their plans to use the spooky holiday to connect with their famous ex, […]

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Your Questions Answered: Can EU citizens vote?

Can EU citizens who have the pre-settled or settled status vote in the general election? – Magdalena Lapot, Liverpool The answer is no. Settled or pre-settled status won’t give anyone the right to vote in UK general elections. The only EU citizens who can are from Ireland, or (via membership of the Commonwealth) from Cyprus […]

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A Magic Document Won’t Save Elizabeth Warren From The Deficit Scolds

Elizabeth Warren is famous for, among other things, plans. That’s great. She publishes good plans. In case you haven’t been paying attention, these include universal child care, a wealth tax, worker representation on corporate boards, student debt cancellation and a new international trade paradigm, to name five. The difference between a plan to cancel student […]

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Trump Cuts Out Media That Doesnt Make Him Feel Beautiful

For months, President Trump has refused to grace CNN or MSNBC with what he views as the gift of his presence. Its a choice rooted not only in political and media strategy, but also in pure spite. During the 2016 GOP primary, then-candidate Trump and his team relied on a game plan of booking the […]

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Britney Spears Talks ‘Healing’ & Disconnecting On Maui Vacation: ‘Here I Know There Is More’ – Perez Hilton

Britney Spears is getting DEEP on Instagram! The songstress is reconnecting with herself and Mama Nature while on vacay in Maui, Hawaii, and in true Britney fashion, is sharing all about her experience on social media. Ch-ch-check out her happy snap (below): Natalie Portman Explains Her Britney Spears Friendship & ‘Vox Lux’ Makes SO Much […]

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Hong Kong Protesters Burn LeBron James Jersey After His Comments On China

James made his first public comments Monday on the international controversy that has engulfed the NBA and garnered the attention of government officials from China to the United States. Protesters target James after Morey comments AP ‘Hong Kong people are really suffering’ James’ comments echoed a refrain common in NBA circles that appears to prioritize […]

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Xbox Live may soon have voice filters that limit ‘toxicity’

Microsoft has unveiled a new text-based filter to root out toxic messages on Xbox Live and revealed that it is working on a similar system for blocking actual voices. The first system, revealed in a blog post from Xbox Monday, will scan text-based messages on Xbox Live and block specific content based on a users […]

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Why Teresa And Joe Giudice Should Go Their Separate Ways | Betches

It was a big weekend in the Bravo universe, as Joe Giudice was finally released from ICE custody and returned to Italy. Before he even got off the plane, his eldest daughter Gia posted a FaceTime selfie, which was the first photo we’ve seen of Joe since 2016, and no one could stop talking about […]

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