October 2019


Greta Thunberg Responds Perfectly To The Internet Trolls

In August 2018, then 15-year-old Greta Thunberg staged her first strike outside the Swedish parliament. By November, the movement had caught on. Kids across Europe went on strike walking out of schools, sparking what would become the largest climate protest ever held around the world. Earlier this year, less than a year after she started […]

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Jed! Just go talk to the media about the crash! Aight…

Read more: https://imgur.com/gallery/Ccbb9Me

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5 Dating Tips for Girls (From a Christian Guys Perspective)

ShareTweetPin Maybe you want a solid, godly relationship but you’re feeling a little discouraged. The dating culture is just so crazy and it seems like all the good ones are taken! Or maybe you are in a relationship but it’s a little rocky. You’re not sure how to include God in it. I mean, you […]

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UKIP conference amidst row over leader’s no-show

Wales, he said, was where UKIP has the best chance of success. Richard Braine elected as UKIP leader ‘Personal attack’ on Greta Thunberg by UKIP AM Gareth Bennett abandons UKIP leadership bid UKIP has lost 5 out of 7 assembly seats since 2016 to defections, and has struggled badly since helping to secure a leave […]

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UPDATED: A Timeline Of Mike Johnson And Demi Lovato’s Relationship

If you’re even mildly caught up on what goes on in Bachelor Nation, then you probably know that the latest trend is Bachelorette rejects hooking up with Gigi and Tyler seem to be getting more and more serious, and now we have confirmation that Mike Johnson and Demi Lovato are hanging out. This is not a drill. […]

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The beauty of London’s classic shopfronts

Arthur Woodham opened his own café in 1948, having previously worked in his father’s cafe of the same name just down the road. Young Arthur ran his for 70 years until he was 90, along with his wife, Eileen, and in recent years grandson James. Spotless and serving up home-cooked breakfasts followed by traditional lunches […]

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Joaquin Phoenix Says He Hasn’t Spoken To Former BFF Casey Affleck ‘In Many Years’ – Perez Hilton

There are some relationships that just can’t be repaired, like the one between Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck! The Joker star revealed in a new interview with Vanity Fair he hasn’t spoken to his longtime BFF and ex brother-in-law “in many years.” First, ch-ch-check out his cover shot (below): The former Johnny Cash portrayer also discussed […]

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Photoshop Fail Of The Week: The Subtle Art Of Facetune | Betches

The strangest thing to me about these Photoshop Fails and pretend they’re the rich and famous. But most of these people are already way above the societal standard for beauty. They’re the most beautiful, most done-up, in the best shape, and thinnest people we have. They set the standard for everything we are supposed to […]

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Meghan meets ‘remarkable’ female leaders in SA

Thousands of women assembled in the capital Pretoria – despite a ban on unauthorised gatherings – in protest of a law which forced black people to carry passbooks with them at all times. Many were arrested, before the group finally amassed outside the official seat of government, the Union Buildings, to demand change. “On Thursday […]

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How To Get Free Workout Classes In NYC | Betches

? (Okay, maybe that was a bad example because everybody loves cupcakes, but you know what I mean.) That’s because it’s basically a scientific fact that things are significantly better when they don’t cost money. Another prime example of this phenomenon in action is workout classes, which, if you live in New York, usually cost […]

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