September 2019


Andrew McCabe blasts DOJ criminal probe, vows not to take deal

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Artist Finds Creative Way to Use Paper Cups To Tell a Love Story

Japanese artist Shinrashinge (ã—んらã—ã‚“ã’) found a creative way to tell a love story through paper cups. The first step was to draw each frame of the story on computer. He then printed out the elements and cut out each one with an x-acto knife. He then glued each piece to one of 6 paper cups […]

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The Problem with Canned Hunting

´╗┐The Problem with Canned Hunting Canned hunting is effectively trophy hunting. A canned hunt is a type of hunt that involves the hunter being essentially promised a kill by a hunting agency or governing body. The activity basically takes place on the grounds that the host of the hunt, whether a hunting agency or private […]

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‘Second breakfast’ should be a real meal, 62 percent of Americans polled say

70 percent of respondents in a new study say they feel more energized after having a second breakfast. (iStock) CHICK-FIL-A’S TORONTO OPENING STORMED BY PROTESTERS: ‘CLUCK OFF’ The study, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Dave’s Killer Bread, also found that breakfast foods, far and away, are America’s favorite “genre” of food, with 34 percent […]

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Someone Asked Twitter Users To Share Their Last Dog Pictures And The Responses Are Absolutely Pawsome

If you love to look at adorable dog photos and videos than look no further because you’ve come to the right place. Recently, a twitter user asked people to share the last picture or video of dogs they took or saved to their phones. The thread was quickly filled the proud owners and dog lovers […]

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Aaron Carter’s Twin Sister Angel Granted Restraining Order Against Him – Claims He Threatened To Send People To ‘Harm’ Her! – Perez Hilton

Aaron Carter‘s twin sister was granted a restraining order against him. According to TMZ, on Friday in Los Angeles, Angel Conrad filed documents for a domestic violence restraining order, which was later approved. Of course, this news is not entirely surprising. When brother Nick Carter publicly announced he was seeking protection against the Aaron’s Party (Come Get […]

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Burning Man 2019 Just Ended And Here Are 30 Photos Proving Its The Craziest Festival In The World

This summer has been far hotter than usual and plenty of us have been practically melting in the unseasonable heat. However, this did nothing to stop fans from attending the epic Burning Man festival. In fact, it seemed that the heat only spurred them on — this year, the gathering was even crazier, wackier and […]

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Jennifer Aniston Explains The ‘Goddess Circle’ Ritual She Does With Her Famous Gal Pals! – Perez Hilton

To celebrate her 50th birthday earlier this year, the Murder Mystery star rounded up six of her famous friends for a fun weekend in Mexico. While the trip wasn’t entirely smooth sailing ( According to a recent interview the icon did with the New York Times, she and the other participants sit cross-legged on the […]

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YouTube Family Under Fire For Allegedly Creating ‘Mudslides’ By Using A Jet Ski In Their Pool – & They Do NOT Give A F**k! – Perez Hilton

For those who aren’t familiar, this family of vloggers — made up of dad Austin McBroom, mom Catherine Paiz, and daughters Elle and baby Alaïa — has become one of YouTube’s most popular channels over the past few years thanks to their telegenic personalities and YOLO energy.  It started Monday night when the family uploaded […]

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For YouTubers, Sharing Their Surgery Is as Real as It Gets

From Facetune facelifts to Kylie-esque lip fillers and facial surgeries that February of this year when he had his botched lip injections corrected. Each video reached more than five million viewers. Stars original lip injections had, against his wishes, included permanent silicone fillers, a substance that made the underside of his top lips noticeably lumpy. […]

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