September 2019


Nick Cave on PJ Harvey break-up: ‘I was so surprised I almost dropped my syringe’

Cave tells fan on on his website The Red Hand Files, I suspected that drugs might have been a problem between us The Boatmans Call has long been considered one of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds most confessional records, written around the time of Caves break-up with English musician PJ Harvey. But while its […]

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Aaron Carter Reveals He Lied About 2017 Rehab Appearance, Admits To Huffing Aerosols – Perez Hilton

Aaron Carter continues to come clean. During this week’s interview on the show, which marked the pop star’s return to the health series for the first time since 2017, Carter decided to open up about a lie he’d told in the past: he didn’t tell the truth to the show’s medical professionals about his reason […]

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People Are Disgusted With How Wasteful This Woman Is With Her Use Of Pre-Pasted Toothbrushes

With the current state of plastic pollution 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the world’s oceans every year – you’d think that the message about cutting down on single-use plastics would be getting through by now. Image credits: Simply Moms‘ Facebook page, was keen to advertise her lack of awareness and sheer laziness […]

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Speech Pathologist Sits Next To Autistic Boy For 8 Hours During Flight, Is Able To Make Incredible Progress On Communication

The father explained that his 10-year-old boy had autism and was nonverbal. He then apologized to Romeo because the 8-hour flight was likely to be difficult for his child and those around him. But challenging behaviors began even before take-off. The boy was “screaming, hitting me, and grabbing for my things. The father repeatedly apologized, […]

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Reddit mods restore Tiananmen Square image after censorship claims

The image, which shows dozens of people lying injured or dead across a highway leading to the square, was first posted on Tuesday. It quickly gained over 137,000 upvotes and generated 5,000 comments. The comments even appeared to include some by users who were living in China at the time. Censorship Bad from pics Hundreds […]

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Someone Shared The Last Words Of A Heroic Passenger From One Of The 9/11 Planes

This year marks the 18th anniversary of the day that people in America will never forget – September 11th. The terrorist attacks which took place on this day claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 people, whom the media has quoted as ordinary. Yet, the word ‘ordinary’ doesn’t do justice to the firefighters, police officers, paramedics […]

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Stop Waiting On Your Life

Stop Waiting On Your Life This week I was sitting on the phone with tech support, and over and over again, I thought of things I could have done while I sat there — waiting — not living my life. Are you “on hold” in your life? Are you waiting for a spouse to come […]

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Facebook preparing new app to maintain pressure on Snapchat

Threads app will encourage frictionless data sharing with selected Instagram followers Facebook is reportedly preparing to take on Snapchat yet again, with a new app built on top of Instagram to facilitate ever more intimate sharing of information between close friends. The new app is called Threads, the Verge, which broke the news of its […]

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“On Labor Day, I Lost My 3-Year-Old Autistic Son at the Worst Place Possible: A Water Park”: Mom Warns Parents It Takes a Village to Save a Child

ShareTweetPin On Labor Day, I lost my son. I lost my three-year-old, autistic son at the worst place possible: a water park. He went down the slide, ran a few feet ahead of me, turned a corner and was gone. It was as quick as that. The only thing in front of him was a […]

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New ‘Day of the Dead Barbie’ celebrates Mexican holiday

(CNN)There’s about to be a new Barbie doll on the shelves, with flowers on her dress and a skull painted on her face. Monarch butterflies typically migrate in Mexico for the winter and arrive around the same time as the festival, and they have come to symbolize the souls of loved ones coming back to […]

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