June 2019


Cosplayer Creates Wings For Her Costume That She Can Move At Will

With events such as Comic Con becoming less of a geek party and more of an international pop culture phenomenon, it’s no wonder that cosplay’s becoming more and more popular. What was once a very niche interest dominated by what the rest of the society deemed as ‘geeks’ and ‘nerds’ has been rapidly leaking into […]

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New Jersey woman who connected would-be terrorists with ISIS gets 48 months in prison

(CNN)A New Jersey woman who communicated on Facebook with members of ISIS under the name “Umm Nutella” only weeks after she pleaded guilty to connecting US-based extremists with the terrorist group was sentenced Wednesday to 48 months in prison, minus time served. Ceasar chose the name “Umm Nutella” based on a marketing ploy in which […]

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Looks Smooth, But Pure Luck…

Read more: http://www.ifunny.com//pictures/looks-smooth-pure-luck/

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Is Putins Fascination With Genetics Just Eugenics in Disguise?

MOSCOWRussian President Vladimir Putins domestic propaganda campaign has been telling people to hunker down, that they need to find ways to wall off the country from the West. They need to protect their internet by cutting it off from the global web, the Kremlin suggests, otherwise Russias enemies might exploit social media to undermine the […]

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Playing At Spreading Lies Induces Psychological Resistance To Conspiracy Theories

The spread of lies online is now seen as a bigger threat than terrorism by Americans. While most people wring their hands, two psychologists decided to try to “vaccinate” the public against the spread of lies using a game and are now claiming success from their first large-scale test. Bad News is an online game […]

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Colorado couple: We were sickened at same Dominican Republic resort where 3 Americans died

(CNN)As authorities investigate the unexplained deaths of three Americans at a resort in the Dominican Republic, a Colorado couple who stayed at the same facility last year said they became violently ill after being exposed to what they suspect were insecticides spread through the air conditioning system. Last month, Edward Nathaniel Holmes, 63 and Cynthia […]

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Letterman: Bonehead Trump Used to Be Able to Take a Joke

Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen, David Letterman said when he walked out onto the stage of The View on Friday morning. Im very excited, this is nice. I love being on TV! The former host of the Late Showand current host of dramatically inflate his net worth, Letterman said, There he seemed like […]

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Euphorias 30 Penises Controversy Doesnt Measure Up

After the hullabaloo over Euphorias frank-and-beans buffet, I get why men in Hollywood dont want to show their penises. I mean, yeah, duh, I get it in that way. But, after yet another round of phallus-induced hysteria surrounding the full-frontal nudity in film and television. Whether youre the thesp whipping it out or the director […]

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The Queen Bee

´╗┐The Queen Bee The survival of a colony of bees living in a bee hive depends on the queen bee. Without a queen bee the hive will eventually die. The hives queen is the only female bee in the hive that has fully developed reproductive organs. The queen is not in control of the hive. […]

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My 30 Animal Comics To Inspire People To Love And Care For Themselves

And before that day comes, self-care is still a luxury for many. Like the mother who believes her family’s needs come first, the breadwinner struggling to make ends meet, the kid trying to meet the parents’ expectation and the teenager trying to fit in. Unfortunately, any of us can be on the list. I hope […]

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