May 2019


14 Infuriating Liars Who Got Called Out On Their Dishonesty

While most people are decent, there’s a persistent few who get a sick thrill out of lying on the internet. People will post false information, claim credit for things they didn’t do, and make up fake stories, even if they can easily be proven false. That’s why we get a thrill out of these people […]

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Horse Goes On A Walk Alone Every Day For 14 Years, Receives Pets And Treats From Residents

Jenny has been taking this walk alone for the past 14-years, because her owner, 79-year-old Werner Weischedel can no longer ride her. Every morning the old man opens his gates and she trods along the paths they used to take together. Jenny the Arabian mare has been walking the streets of Frankfurt, Germany alone for […]

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Imagine Working in a High-Rise and Seeing These On the Ground

Kitt Bennett is a Melbourne-based artist, specialising in illustration and murals. Since receiving his bachelor of illustration in 2014, Kitt has worked as a freelance artist and muralist operating out of Juddy Roller Studio. Bennett has exhibited in numerous group shows as well as holding a solo exhibition in a public toilet on Smith Street […]

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Doctors just used HIV to cure ‘bubble boy’ disease.

Remember the Bubble Boy from the ’70s? One of the more famous cases in medical science, David Vetter was born in 1971 with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), which made him extremely vulnerable to germs and disease. So, 20 seconds after he was born, he was put into a sealed, plastic chamber. He remained in there […]

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Mayor Pete was given a sign language name. His response was perfect.

Receiving a sign name is a very special gift within the Deaf community. The name usually comes from a member within the community and often reflects the person’s character or unique qualities. YouTuber Andy Pleasants, a deaf craniofacial disability advocate, recently came out in support of Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg and gave him a […]

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How a convicted terrorist became a US citizen

(CNN)A one-time Islamic jihadist who spent years in an Israeli prison for attempting to bomb a bus was granted US citizenship and allowed to remain in the country for nearly a decade as federal authorities investigated his background, CNN has learned. Shqaire, 51, carried out the attack in Israel in 1988 “acting on the direction” […]

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Owning a Warhol: How bitcoin could change the art world

Hong Kong (CNN Business)British artist David Hockney smashed records last year when his “Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)” sold at auction in New York for $90 million. Maecenas is a three-year-old startup looking to revolutionize the art world through “tokenization.” It allows investors to use cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin to buy a […]

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Among the popular decorations that may be included in an aquarium, especially the salt water kind include, miniscule ships, castle, and several beautiful ornaments

Among the popular decorations that may be included in an aquarium, especially the salt water kind include, miniscule ships, castle, and several beautiful ornaments Did you know that in a salt water aquarium there is the need for chemical filtration? The function of chemical filtration is very crucial because it helps to eliminate the harmful […]

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The Uses Of Leather

The Uses Of Leather In ancient times, survival depended on sheer agricultural and hunting skills, and the primitive man quickly discovered how to exploit nature’s offerings. In order to survive the harsh winters, our ancestors processed the fur and skin of the animals they hunted into clothing. Realizing that their prey had much more to […]

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How One Dem Super PAC Uses Facebook Ads to Get Critical Voter Data to its Candidate

A super PAC supporting Gov. Jay Inslee (D-WA) has developed a way to share information and strategy with his presidential campaign in a manner that experts say is both novel and right at the end of the legal boundaries for permissible coordination. The super PAC, Act Now On Climate, is currently running advertisements with subtle, […]

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