May 2019


Feel like your vacations aren’t as fabulous as your friends’? This study is for you.

People love to talk about their amazing vacations, but research shows that many of them are lying. Ever feel like those Instagram and Facebook posts of picture-perfect places and epically awesome experiences may not be telling the whole story? You’re probably right. Research conducted by flight-comparison site found that a good portion of Americans […]

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Color Vision Requirements for the US Military

´╗┐Color Vision Requirements for the US Military If you think you are somewhat color blind or you can only recognize some but not all colors, you can still be qualified to join the US Military. But the field and designation may vary because there are branches of the armed forces that require their personnel to […]

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Tenants ‘overlooked’ in railway arches sale

“That was a major dereliction of duty by both Network Rail and the government,” she said. Blackstone and Telereal have taken on Network Rail’s existing lease agreements, meaning tenants’ contractual obligations are unchanged. But National Rail has always set rents based on market conditions and the new owners plan to continue this practice. Prior to […]

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The designs for Notre Dame’s new roof are eco-friendly and cool AF.

On April 15th, France lost part of one of its most iconic buildings — Notre Dame Cathedral. However, fundraising efforts for the rebuild began quickly, and now there are several design firms competing for the job. France also opened the bidding up to international designers, and that really fanned the flame of the competition. Within […]

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Someone Just Made An Epic Game Of Thrones Lamp And Put It On Etsy

While the days leading up to the final episode of Game of Thrones are slowly melting, millions of fans are still buzzing with what could be described as Thrones mania (albeit what was once a generally positive outlook became more murky as of lately). And while not everyone is too happy about the last season […]

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HBO Responds To Leaving That Coffee Cup In Game Of Thrones Scene, Says Its Not Starbucks

Despite the hard work and attention to detail the production designers and their crew put into each episode, it seems someone didn’t have their coffee that day and left the unapproved prop laying in front of Emilia Clarke. Game of Thrones fans can’t stop talking about the coffee cup left on-screen during episode 4 of […]

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50 Struggles That 90s Kids Remember Too Well

The technology that kids now take for granted was refined over the years through our experiences. We eventually got the internet but we needed to wait for it to connect. We had phones, but they were connected to our houses until Nokia came along with SMS and snake. Oh, and we had something similar to […]

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Even Trump may ultimately retreat from the cost of the China trade war

The presidents bullish advisers may be taking a hard line, but the chances of a deal are better than they look During Donald Trumps campaign to be president, he regularly cited Chinas export subsidies as evil, and in his after the president increased the tariff from 10% to 25% on Chinese goods worth $200bn on […]

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Some Students Might See Consequences In The College Admissions Scandal

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images Are Students Being Charged In The College Admissions Scandal? Not Everyone Is Immune By Daniella Bondar 10 days ago News broke in March that a number of wealthy parents, including some celebrities, had allegedly bribed their children’s way into top-tier universities. But as the case continues, it looks like even […]

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Did heading a ball lead to player deaths?

Chalmers, who has died at the age of 83, was part of the Celtic team that defeated Inter Milan 2-1 in Lisbon to become the first British club to lift the famous European trophy. The Scotland forward spent 12 seasons at the Glasgow club, scoring 236 goals. Image copyright SNS Image caption Lisbon Lion Jim […]

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