April 2019


Channel Your Inner Joanna Gaines & Revamp Your Home During Wayfair’s Spring Sale

Wayfair Wayfair’s Way Day April 2019 Sale Will Let You Revamp Your Home For Cheap By Lara Walsh 7 hours ago There’s just something about spring that makes me want to hit the refresh button on my living space. After a long, hard winter, there’s nothing that makes you feel like you’re shaking it off […]

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Growing up fast: why parenting in your 20s is the new punk

With the average age of first-time parents over 30 and rising, having kids in your 20s is increasingly unusual. So what is it like swapping nights out with friends, for endless night feeds? When she was a teenager, Maya Dupre wanted more than anything to be an actor, like her idol, Emma Watson. By the […]

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12 Reminders For Girls Who Recently Escaped From Toxic Relationships

Holly Riordan Updated April 13, 2019 By Roberto Nickson 1. You’re not stupid for falling for him. You’re not stupid for staying for such a long time. You’re not stupid for missing him, for having the temptation to text him, for wishing he was still a part of your world. 2. You’re going to feel worse before […]

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In 1993 Sadie Carmichael Disappeared, And Ive Never Told Anyone What I Know Until Now (Part Three)

Jeremy Alderman Updated April 22, 2019 By Rene Asmussen As you could probably imagine, I caught all 31 flavors of holy hell from my parents when they heard from Mr. Carmichael. I never went back into the house, I just sat on the front porch and waited to hear the uproar. They subscribed utterly to […]

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Pornhub is offering a sexy new way to save the bees this Earth Day.

As part of their new “Beesexual” campaign, the online porn company is tapping into Beerotica. Yes, you read that right. Most of us do not associate pornography with sustainability, but the creative executives at Pornhub have found a way to tap into a “save the world” theme just in time for Earth Day. As part […]

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Student in Viral Border Patrol Video: University Caved to Pressure to Punish Me

At first, the University of Arizona was helpful. I got a call from the Dean of Students Office, Denisse Melchor said. Theyre like, Are you okay, weve been receiving so many threats naming you. Then a local Border Patrol union leader started lashing out against her on the radio. Now Melchor and another student are […]

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Oklahoma man accused of killing pregnant girlfriend, unborn baby

Colby Wilson and Allyssa Fielding (Tulsa County Jail/Facebook) Paramedics took Fielding to the hospital where she later died. Police reports say she had a brain bleed, fractures to her face, collapsed lungs, and multiple cuts. Detectives say they were told the unborn baby is dead. Fielding was six months pregnant. Officers arrested Wilson, who is […]

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BuzzFeed News editor takes heat for suggesting Trump would be more outraged if Sri Lanka victims were white

Elder’s tweet, as The Washington Examiner reported, received many more comments than likes or retweets. It had received nearly 3,000 replies, 70 retweets and 170 likes as of Sunday evening. When contacted by Fox News, BuzzFeed News responded: “No comment from us.” Trump on Easter morning offered condolences to the people of Sri Lanka. The president […]

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Someone plastered The Louvre with 2,000 sheets of paper and it looks cool AF.

If you and I (in this fantasy we are best friends fulfilling our lifelong dream of visiting Paris) decided to see what The Louvre’s glass pyramid looked like covered in paper, we would likely spend the majority of our trip becoming intimately acquainted with France’s legal system. I know it sounds unfair but the reality […]

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Seeking the Truth to Improve Your Personal Life

´╗┐Seeking the Truth to Improve Your Personal Life Mendacities are the start of our troubles. When we lie, we build on lies, which lead to disaster. To live happy you have to learn to tell the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts, but in the end you will find that the truth sets you free. Lies […]

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