January 2019


The Game Of Thrones Season 8 Teaser Is Here Betches

HBO dropped the Game of Thrones season 8 teaser trailer this past Sunday, officially kicking off three things: 1. The countdown to the premiere of the final season *muffled sobs* on April 14th 2. The inception of hundreds of thousands of fan theories about what every single second of this 1:44 video means. 3. My […]

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Lionsgate lays off 25 staffers

New York (CNN Business)Lionsgate, the entertainment studio which has struggled in recent years, laid off approximately 25 employees on Friday, people familiar with the matter told CNN. In a note sent to employees, Joe Drake, chairman of Lionsgate Motion Picture Group, said he wished departing staffers “the very best on their continued career trajectory.” “We […]

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You’ll Soon Be Able To Take A Ride In A Giant Flying Bum

The curvaceous aircraft known affectionately as the “flying bum” will take to the skies for real in the not too distant future as its makers have announced they’ve got the go-ahead to start production of the world’s biggest aircraft. Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) is retiring the famous bootylicious prototype, the Airlander 10, officially named the […]

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A Tattoo So Good You Dont Even Notice It

Tattoo by Eric Catalano A hyperrealistic tattoo by artist Eric Catalano has gone viral after appearing on social media. Catalano, who runs the Eternal Ink Tattoo Studio in Hecker, Illinois did the tattoo for free and has since been overwhelmed with requests from amputees and cancer survivors for hyperrealistic tattoos. Catalano says he does these […]

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Is It Slutty To Tell My Coworker That I Think He’s Hot? Ask A Pro Betches

When Head Pro calls you a “slut,” he’s doing so in a super progressive, feminist way to show his solidarity, and he’s honestly offended that you didn’t realize he was being an ally. Email him your pressing dating questions at [email protected], and follow him on Twitter and Insta at @betchesheadpro. Hey Head Pro, So a […]

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Top of the Food Chain – The Predator vs. Prey Relationship

Top of the Food Chain – The Predator vs. Prey Relationship A dwindling number of species, an increase in the number of pests, and population booms – all these can be explained even while taking only natural events into account. The predator vs. prey relationship contributes a huge deal to populations in the world’s ecosystem. […]

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23 Dark, Creepy Google Earth Images That’ll Keep You Up At Night

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I Combine Two Characters Into One In My Colored Pencil Illustrations (50 Pics)

#6 Te Fiti &te Ka reply #7 Lady And The Tramp reply #8 Beauty & The Beast reply View More Replies… #9 Baby Tom & Jerry reply #10 Woody & Buzz reply #11 Jack & Sally reply #12 Batman & Joker reply #13 Garfield & Odie reply #19 Ariel & Ursula reply #20 Mowgli & […]

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After 246 days of separation, this woman and her daughter are finally reunited.

Vilma and Yeisvi Carrillo’s story captured the hearts of Americans who yearn for a more compassionate immigration system. Vilma Carrillo came to the Mexico-United States border seeking asylum in the spring of 2018. Carrillo is an indigenous Guatemalan woman whose daughter Yeisvi is an American citizen. A victim of extreme domestic violence in a country […]

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Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Created A Mile-High Tsunami That Swept Through The World’s Oceans

Sixty-six million years ago, an asteroid roughly 14 kilometers (9 miles) in diameter hit the shallow water off the modern-day Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. Chicxulub, as it is known, was the size of a mountain and moving as fast as a speeding bullet. When it hit the water, its top was still higher than airplane […]

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