December 2018


Brother of tech CEO killed with family at burning mansion accused of trying to torch his own home with kin inside

This image released by the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office, shows Paul Caneiro, who prosecutor charged Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2018, with aggravated arson. The blaze was reported around 5 a.m., hours before a separate blaze was reported at the home of his brother Keith Caneiro in Colts Neck, located about 10 miles away. Monmouth County Prosecutor […]

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This Woman Had The Best Comeback Ever To A Man Who Said To Stay Away From Women With Dyed Hair

“Unnatural hair colors in [a] woman are a warning signal to stay away,” Cortes opened. “It’s an example [of] Aposematism – the phenomenon of poisonous animals in nature advertising their toxicity and lethality.” Immediately, people started replying to Cortes. And while some actually agreed with him, Julie Grundy pointed out that “Aposematism is there to […]

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911 Operator Shares The 14 Craziest Experiences She Had While Working

When something bad happens, emergency line operators are usually the first ones to hear our cries for help. They are there to asses the situation, calm us down, and send help. No one can deny that this job is demanding and stressful. Imgur user PajamaStripes, who was a 911 operator for two years, decided to […]

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