July 2018


This Dog Recreated Madonnas Iconic Photos, And The Attention To Detail Is Unbelievable

“He is my priority,” Vincent told Bored Panda. “Everything is like a game for him so yes, for example, if he needs a hat for a picture, I buy it weeks before and we play with it like if it’s one of his pet toys.  And so, it’s ‘normal’ and fun for him when we shoot for […]

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Giving Out No Less than the Truth – On Verifications of Background Check

 Giving Out No Less than the Truth – On Verifications of Background Check Successful employers have not reached the position they are presently holding without relentless pursuit of knowledge. For every new knowledge they gain, they validate by applying them on their businesses. When it comes to hiring employees, they do not take any […]

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This Guy Can Literally Dance to Anything

@KidatheGreat is a young and upcoming dancer who has amassed a huge following online for his creative moves. The 16-year-old teenager was most recently crowned the Season 13 winner of the tv show, So You Think You Can Dance. In ongoing series he playfully dubs #whenyoucandancetoanything, Kida and his friends are seen rocking out to […]

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19 of the Ugliest Pairs of Shoes on the Planet

People all over the world are doing terrible things to shoes. And the Instagram account @crimesagainstshoemanity is documenting all of it. Advertisement Shoes are a great way to express yourself through fashion. Croc-lettos A post shared by Crimes Against Shoemanity (@crimesagainstshoemanity) on Jul 11, 2018 at 2:22am PDT Cowboy blades A post shared by Crimes […]

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Jon Stewart Calls Out Trump For His ‘Gleeful Cruelty And Dickishness’

“I just want to say if there’s one hallmark to your presidency that I think we’re finding the most difficult is that no matter what you do, it always comes with an extra layer of gleeful cruelty and dickishness, ” Stewart said. “It’s not just that you don’t want people taking a knee. It’s that […]

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15 Celebrity Couples When They Met, and What They Look Like Now

Ever have those days where your faith in love needs to be restored? We’ve got just the thing: these 15 celebrity couples have been together through thick and thin, proving that even Hollywood has soulmates. Advertisement Beyoncé and Jay-Z, then: via: Getty Here’s the couple in November of 2002. They became an item after Beyoncé’s […]

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The 11 most dangerous things Donald Trump said in his Montana speech

(CNN)On Thursday night, President Donald Trump flew to Montana to headline a rally for Matt Rosendale, the Republican nominee against Sen. Jon Tester (D) this November. Trump’s speech was, like most of his addresses, a remarkable mix of stream-of-consciousness thinking, fact-challenged claims and demagoguery. 1. “She gets special treatment under the Justice Department. … Sorry. […]

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Brace Yourself, Mercury’s In Retrograde: Your Weekly Horoscopes For July 23-27 Betches

Mercury returns to retrograde on July 25. A little refresher: Mercury has power over your mind, your ideas, and mental energy. A planet being in retrograde just means that it appears to be moving backwards. When a planet is in retrograde, you experience the energy of the planet in a more subjective, internal way. Since your experience of […]

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Is Justin Bieber’s Mom Shading Him Over His Engagement? Betches

Since the engagement, family members of both Justin and Hailey have expressed excitement and joy for this blessed train wreck of an event. But guess who doesn’t seem too excited about this mild natural disaster? Justin’s mom, Pattie Mallette. And you know why? Because his mama don’t like you, Hailey, and she likes everyone. That, […]

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Fiber Optics Security Systems

Fiber Optics Security Systems The world is becoming one global community where it is possible contact with one another through the use computer and the Internet. Keeping in touch with a loved one who is in a far away place or in the other side of the planet, right at the comfort of your home […]

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