June 2018


Wife Hasnt Slept in 3 DaysWhen Husband Gets Kids to Bed at 7:30pm, It Hits Him "Like a Ton of Bricks"

ShareTweet Adele Barbaro, the self-acclaimed “Real Mumma” is an encourager to mothers everywhere through her blog TheRealMumma.com. But while she may spend a good portion of her time humorously slaying parent shamers and offering honest insight into motherhood, her husband wanted to paint a picture of the real ‘real mumma’ behind her “Real Mumma” social media persona.


US Lawmakers Approve CREEPER Act To Ban Child Sex Robots

Lawmakers in the US have taken a step towards banning particularly creepy sex robots and dolls. The CREEPER act made it through the US House of Representatives on Wednesday. Officially known as the “Curbing Realistic Exploitative Electronic Pedophilic Robots Act of 2017”, the proposed legislation will now go to the Senate.  The law they are