April 2018


Florida Teen Apologizes For Racist Promposal Sign

The student, identified as 18-year-old Noah Crowley, held up a sign in a Snapchat photo this weekend to ask another Riverview High School student to be his prom date on May 5. “If I was black, I’d be picking cotton, but I’m white so I’m picking u 4 prom?” ABC Action News The racially and […]

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Four presidents come together to pay tribute to Barbara Bush

Washington DC (CNN)A touching photograph of several generations of presidents paying tribute to the late Barbara Bush is being warmly and widely circulated on social media. The decision was not uncommon for a sitting president. Neither Obama nor the younger Bush attended the funerals of first ladies during their respective terms. Clinton did attend a […]

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18 Creepy Declassified Documents That Give Us the Heebie Jeebies

via: Getty Images Sweden had a compulsory sterilization program running from 1935-1979. It was state-sanctioned and given without consent, sometimes without the people knowing they were being sterilized. The three main reasons for these sterilizations were: 1) Health concerns for the mother. 2) Eugenic (not wanting to pass on mental illnesses or any form of […]

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Parkland Students Are Trolling Their Mandatory Clear Backpacks By Carrying Things That Scare Conservatives The Most

Tampons. The students are filling the new backpacks with loads and loads of tampons. “I only got lights. I didn’t know. Getting supers for tomorrow,” student Cameron Kasky tweeted. “Sizes, pricing… I’m learning new things about women’s health right now. This stuff is expensive. Steps must be taken to make these health products easier to […]

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SNL: Robert De Niros Robert Mueller Interrogates Ben Stillers Michael Cohen

In lieu of Trumps lawyer Michael Cohen came face to face with none other than Robert De Niro as Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Can you believe what theyre doing to poor Mr. Trump? Stillers Cohen asked Jeff Sessions and Mike Pence when he entered the scene. Its a disgrace! This whole raid was a complete […]

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Sean Hannity is a ‘welfare queen’

(CNN)Sean Hannity is a welfare queen. In 2013, Hannity complained that an African-American man in Tennessee had allegedly fathered 22 children who were receiving welfare. A Hannity guest called for sterilizing the man. Another Hannity guest opined that “the women should have kept their legs closed.” But when it came to accepting government support for […]

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Twitter Erupts After Obama Makes Melania Trump Smile At Barbara Bush’s Funeral

Melania Trump was seated next to former President Barack Obama during the service, and at one point, the two shared a warm exchange that received plenty of attention on social media.  Download Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/barack-obama-melania-trump_us_5add41e4e4b089e33c896020

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Dwayne The Rock Johnson Welcomes Second Child With Girlfriend Lauren Hashian

The actor, 45, announced the birth of his second daughter with girlfriend Lauren Hashian in an adorable photo posted to Instagram on Monday. A post shared by therock (@therock) on Apr 23, 2018 at 10:52am PDT “Tiana Gia Johnson came into this world like a force of nature and Mama @laurenhashianofficial labored and delivered like […]

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This Cat Has Better Brows Than You

Read more: http://www.ifunny.com//pictures/cat-has-better-brows-you/

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20+ Same Things That Most People Dont Know Are Actually Different

Has someone ever told you that you used a wrong word? Well, you’re not alone. Many people confuse terms without even knowing it. You might think that it’s usually the English language learners who get the names of concepts or objects all mixed up, but it’s not unusual for native speakers to get tangled up […]

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