April 2018

Magnificent Kinkakuji

Magnificent Kinkakuji Last week during his tour of Kyoto Japan, President Bush visited the Golden Pavilion (Kinkakuji) and described it as “magnificent”. He was probably referring to the 1398 Japanese architecture but may just as well have been referring to gold prices which are at an 18-year high. Gold has been a magnificent investment and […]

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Scientists At MIT Have Created A Machine That Can Literally Shape The Content Of Your Dreams

It’s been said that Thomas Edison took naps clasping steel balls in his hand. As he fell asleep, his grip would relax, the balls would drop, and he would jolt awake, hearing a clanging noise as they hit the floor.  It sounds like the bizarre routine of a mad scientist, but it is a technique MIT researchers […]

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Remember when Michael Cohen threatened a reporter? Jim Carrey definitely does.

If you hadn’t heard, Jim Carrey likes to paint. Swapping out the hustle and bustle of Hollywood for a more quiet life of canvases and color swatches, Carrey’s been making all kinds of statements via his paint brush. But in recent months, the iconic actor has taken a liking to reimagining the figures we often […]

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29 Terrible Tourist Faux Pas People Make in Major Cities Around the Globe

Madrid redefines “late lunch”. The normal lunch time in Spain is usually around 2 or 3 pm. It’s best to follow the crowds and enjoy lunch when everyone else does, even if it feels a little later than usual. Advertisement Supermarkets in Tehran are so used to people bargaining prices that they have raised the […]

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Is THIS The Woman With Whom Tristan Thompson Allegedly Cheated On Khlo Kardashian??

A suspect has been named! As we reported, on Saturday, Tristan Thompson appeared to be kissing a mystery woman at PH-D Lounge in New York while pregnant girlfriend Khloé Kardashian stayed home in Cleveland. The NBA star and the brunette were then spotted entering an NYC hotel. Photos: Tristan Isn’t The First Celeb To Be […]

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5 Reasons Cryptocurrency Is Way Dumber Than You Thought

Hey, remember how you never invested in Bitcoin in 2009 because you’d never heard of Bitcoin and didn’t really care about magic internet money? Same. And remember how in 2017, everyone and their uncles started talking about how Bitcoin was now worth a shitillion dollars and you totally should’ve gotten on the train in 2009? […]

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40+ Wholesome Memes And Posts That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

A friendly reminder that not everything is terrible.  1 Pin It Via anlyin 2 Pin It Via anlyin 3 Pin It Via anlyin 4 Pin It Via anlyin 5 Pin It Via anlyin 6 Pin It Via anlyin 7 Pin It Via anlyin 8 Pin It Via anlyin 9 Pin It Via anlyin 10 Pin […]

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Kirsten Gillibrand Unveils A Public Option For Banking

The bill brings to Congress for the first time a policy idea that has already won the support of liberal economists and anti-poverty activists: Turning the nation’s sprawling network of U.S. Postal Service facilities into places where working-class and low-income Americans who lack adequate access to commercial banking can obtain low-cost, short-term loans. “This is […]

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10 Jesus Memes To Make Get You In The Mood For Easter Sunday

It’s time to get down with the holy spirit. 1 Pin It Via MyWeebleFellDown 2 Pin It Via Speed_Cuber 3 Pin It Via Speed_Cuber 4 Pin It Via Speed_Cuber 5 Pin It Via Speed_Cuber 6 Pin It Via Speed_Cuber 7 Pin It Via Speed_Cuber 8 Pin It Via Speed_Cuber 9 Pin It Via Speed_Cuber 10 […]

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These 25+ Cute Baby Donkeys Are Everything You Need To See Today

Donkeys aren’t like horses at all; they differ physically, mentally and emotionally. Donkeys are more stoical in their behavior, startling less than horses. They are very social animals that simply adore company. Because of that, donkeys develop very strong emotional attachments with other animals. Scroll down meet these big-hearted baby plushies and upvote your favorites!

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