March 2018


16 Times People Found Some Strange Leaves In Their Food, And Complained About It Online

Sending its pictures to the restaurant chain via Twitter, some were wondering if the green was lettuce or a simple leaf the chefs found outside, others thought they were simply poking fun at their vegan clients. One girl even swore she wouldn’t eat Chipotle again. Scroll down to check out what shocked these hungry folks! […]

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Companion Animals and Their Unique Place in Society–Part 4

´╗┐Companion Animals and Their Unique Place in Society–Part 4 The Bible and The Chronicles of Narnia talk about companion animals What the Bible says about the role of animals in our lives In Genesis chapter 1, God made man in His own image, and then gave man dominion over the fish of the sea, the […]

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This Man And His Dog Just Inspired The Most Adorable Twinning Trend, And The Photos Will Make Your Day

“Going viral has just been so bizarre, Liam told Bored Panda. “Usually you see people go viral for actually doing something productive, but all I did was take a picture with my dog and I woke up the next day to a frozen phone (from the notifications). It’s been so lovely though to read all […]

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24 Powerful Valentines Day Reminders If Youre Healing From A Toxic Relationship With A Narcissist

Thomas Brand Survivors of emotional abuse, especially the type perpetrated by malignant narcissists or otherwise toxic partners, can struggle on a holiday like Valentine’s Day. Whether it was because this holiday was consistently ruined by the narcissistic partner during the relationship or because they’re still healing from the toxic relationship, self-care for survivors is essential […]

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I Bring Stones To Life By Painting The Living Spirit Of The Being I Feel Inside The Stone (New Pics)

So the stones I decide to paint on are not arbitrary, but my significant opposites with whom I have established a connection, which inspires me to work with them. In my encounters with the stones and in my art, I respect my opposites in toto, so I never process stones, and would never cut off […]

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I Create Crazy Photo Manipulations With My Three Daughters And Son, And Heres What We Made So Far

Photography was always important in my life. My father was an experienced hobby-photographer and founded at least two local photography-associations. So I grew up in an environment of cameras, magazines, lenses, selfmade camera-baggages, darkrooms and funny weddings. The importance of photography changed into joy when I was holding my first digital cam in my hands. […]

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24 Genuine Ways To Fall In Love With Your Life Again

Marco Xu 1. Start looking people in the eye three times as much as you already do. Hold their eye contact for so long that it goes from wonderful, to uncomfortable, and then back to wonderful again. Give yourself the chance to feel connected to another human being in one of the simplest and most […]

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Honey Boo Boo Comes For Critics Who Say She’s ‘Acting Black’ On Instagram: ‘Ho, You Can’t Act A Color’

Honey Boo Boo is here to educate all you hoes on race. The reality star took to Instagram to clap back at haters who say she’s been “acting black” on her social media accounts. With her signature southern sass, the 12-year-old denied the accusations and claimed she acts like nothing or no one except Honey […]

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I Stopped Chasing After You Because It Became Embarrassing

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The Internet thinks the dad who tried to tackle Nassar is a hero

(CNN)When Randall Margraves asked an Eaton County, Michigan, judge on Friday morning for “five minutes in a locked room” with disgraced doctor Larry Nassar, he was turned down. Others shared the sentiment, calling the father of three a “hero.” Some wrote that they couldn’t blame Margraves, that they probably wouldn’t have reacted any differently if […]

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