February 2018


The Stupid Anti-Vaxx Movement Is Now Affecting People’s Pets. Everything Is Awful.

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Melania Trump Has Reportedly Been Staying At A D.C. Hotel Amid ‘Humiliating’ Reports Of Donald’s Affair With Stormy Daniels!

It’s nice to step out of the House… especially when your husband is in the middle of yet another sex scandal. Melania Trump has reportedly spent several nights at a luxurious D.C. hotel away from Donald Trump this month, following reports of the President’s alleged fling with porn star Stormy Daniels. Related: God Forgives Donald’s […]

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Here Are The 11 Photographers That Won The Prestigious Hasselblad Masters Awards Of 2018

From intimate portraits to otherworldly landscapes, the contest awards gives acclaimed professionals, as well as aspiring newcomers, the opportunity leave their mark in the world of photography. The winners will be named Hasselblad Masters, become the ambassadors of the famous Swedish name for two years. They will also receive invitations to participate in its projects, […]

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When you get past the FUD and the corporate media BS, there’s a reason more guns equals less crime – exactly as you’d expect

Read more: https://imgflip.com/i/24lm2h

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Stop trying to portray Melania as a feminist repulsed by her husband

Melania Trumpbreezed right past her husbandthe media notedgreeted cheerleadersWhile these are nice tries at reading relationship cues, or simply observing people doing things, no matter how many times Melania ignores her husband, or , or wears the right color pantsuit, she is not going to be the fed-up heroine you’re projecting her to be. And […]

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30+ Bitter Truths By Truth Potato That Will Make You Think

What’s more amusing than a cute Potato breaking your shield of denial and giving you few words of wisdom eh? Read more: http://www.boredpanda.com/bitter-wisdom-truth-potato/

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Enrique Pea Nieto decide responderle directamente a sus fans y Facebook estalla

El da de ayer, Lord Pea, el presidente de todos los mexicanos, decidi expresarle el amor que tiene por su esposa. Hasta ah todo normal. Sin embargo, el mandatario decidi responder a algunos mensajes y claro, Facebook estall. A continuacin unas de las mejores respuestas. 1 Pin It Vía EnriquePN 2 Pin It Vía EnriquePN […]

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You Were My 11:17 Wish

Allef Vinicius / Unsplash I started to make a wish on 11:11 when I realized it was actually 11:17, and I had just misread the last digit. That’s what loving you felt like. I never intended to dive head first into that game with you. But they should’ve seen your smile after three shots of José, and I […]

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6 Things You Need To Know About Self-Defense, From An Expert

The world is full of bad guys who can only be stopped by good guys, presumably ones with guns or kickboxing training. So you figure the only responsible thing to do is strap a 9mm to your left foot and become a black belt in Gunshido, right? Specifically to prevent you from doing this, we […]

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Y aqu tienes tu lista diaria de memes para rer y compartir

1 Pin It Vía facebook 2 Pin It Vía facebook 3 Pin It Vía facebook 4 Pin It Vía facebook 5 Pin It Vía facebook 6 Pin It Vía facebook 7 Pin It Vía facebook 8 Pin It Vía facebook 9 Pin It Vía facebook 10 Pin It Vía facebook 11 Pin It Vía facebook […]

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