October 2017


Whataburger worker fired for refusing to serve police officers

Whataburger in Denison, Texas.  (Google Street View) Jenkins said the two officers were served by another employee. “I am saddened, disappointed and angry about the treatment these two officers received this morning,” she said. “However, when Whataburger or their staff call, we will respond. We will not hesitate. We will respond with courage, compassion and […]

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The future is fluid: Generation Z’s approach to gender and sexuality is indeed revolutionary

Whenever a new generation comes of age, it inevitably ends up getting scrutinized by those who came before. Just look at how millennials have been derided for killing , , and . If you believe everything you read, it’s like this generation is single-handedly out to destroy all that is holy in America, leaving nothing […]

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Parents are sharing photos before and after they had kids. They’re hilarious and adorable.

When dad and blogger Mike Julianelle compared a recent photo of himself to a photo from 10 years ago, he noticed a big difference. Yes, he looked a little older — after all, a decade had gone by. But there was something else: a deep, deep look of utter exhaustion. The other thing that changed […]

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First-seen neutron star collision creates light, gravitational waves and gold

(CNN)For the first time, two neutron stars in a nearby galaxy have been observed engaging in a spiral death dance around one another until they collided. What resulted from that collision is being called an “unprecedented” discovery that is ushering in a new era of astronomy, scientists announced Monday. The collision created the first observed […]

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Is that viral Obamacare Facebook status accurate? Will it help save the law?

Photo by Robyn Beck/Getty Images. The fight to save the Affordable Care Act has migrated to a new battleground: Facebook. Since early September, a viral Facebook status has been making the rounds, claiming that the Trump administration is attempting to sabotage the law by making enrolling in a health plan on Healthcare.gov confusing and difficult. […]

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This pastry chef leans on her STEM background to design impossible-looking desserts.

Dinara Kasko makes cakes. Absolutely stunning cakes. They’re modern, bold, and structural, with decadent shapes and surprising flavors. They’re also designed using algorithms and mathematical principles. All photos via Dinara Kasko, used with permission. Kasko, 28, trained for years as an architect and designer in Ukraine and enjoyed her craft but wanted to try something […]

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The powerful message the Air Force Academy’s superintendent wanted to send loud and clear

(CNN)When someone left racist slurs on the message boards of five black cadet candidates at the Air Force Academy Preparatory School, the academy’s superintendent didn’t even try to suppress his outrage. “If you can’t treat someone from another gender, whether that’s a man or a woman, with dignity and respect, then you need to get […]

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The Whole Movie In A Text Message

Read more: http://www.ifunny.com//pictures/whole-movie-text-message/

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Mary Berry reunites with Mel and Sue

They said the centre became a “lifeline” and, with the help of volunteers, had become “the beating heart of the community”. This year, instead of those volunteers organising a Christmas party, Mel, Sue and Mary are throwing them a surprise party. Director of BBC content Charlotte Moore said it was a privilege to be working […]

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Three killed as storm sweeps into Ireland

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionHigh winds have caused damage across Ireland Two men and a woman have been killed as the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia hit the British Isles. As hurricane-force gusts battered the Republic of Ireland, one woman and a man died in separate incidents when trees fell on their […]

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