August 2017


Ancient statue unearthed at Cambodia’s Angkor temple complex

Archaeologists have unearthed two-metre high, centuries-old object during an excavation of an ancient hospital Archaeologists have unearthed a large, centuries-old statue that is believed to have once stood guard over an ancient hospital at Cambodias famed Angkor temple complex. The nearly two metre tall carving, which is thought to be from the late 12th to […]

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Lessons from the fast lane: does this study prove car-pooling works?

When Jakarta ditched its controversial three-in-one car-sharing rule many in the city expected the traffic to get better. It didnt. A Harvard and MIT study analysed before-and-after Google traffic data to find out what happened Driving in Jakarta at rush hour is something of a nightmare. The citys 9.6 million population swells each work day […]

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India floods: 213 killed in Gujarat as receding waters reveal more victims

Authorities race to identify bodies as rescue workers reach new areas and fear monsoon death toll will rise further Severe monsoon flooding has killed 213 people in western India, an official said on Sunday, as rescuers continue to sift through villages devastated by torrential rains. The death toll in Gujarat state jumped from Wednesdays total […]

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How Facebook groups bring people closer together neo-Nazis included

Mark Zuckerbergs new mission is to bring the world closer together. But Facebook groups can unite extremists as easily as they serve hobbyists Ricky Caya was looking for something. A 43-year-old postal service worker and father of two in Quebec, he felt unsettled and unconnected. The great social movements of the 1960s, the American civil […]

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Sierra Leone bans jogging in groups after police say they are ‘menacing’

Police announce immediate ban, accusing runners of obstructing traffic, insulting people and playing loud music Police in Sierra Leone have banned group jogging in the street on the grounds that it encourages disruptive behaviour. Police headquarters has observed with dismay that people are in the habit of jogging in large numbers along the streets with […]

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