July 2017


‘Incredible shrinking airline seat’: US court says seat size a safety issue

Passenger group challenged Federal Aviation Administration after agency rejected request for rules on seat size and distance between rows A US appeals court panel has said that Airlines have steadily reduced the space between rows to squeeze in extra seats and make more money. On discount carrier Spirit Airlines, the distance between the headrest of […]

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China and Russia have ‘responsibility’ for North Korea nuclear threat, says US

As Kim Jong-un hails latest test-launch, Rex Tillerson says two powers are enablers of Pyongyangs program The United States has accused China and Russia of bearing unique and special responsibility for North Koreas belligerent pursuit of nuclear weapons, after Pyongyang tested its latest ballistic missile. North Korea conducted its second intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test […]

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HSBC’s man in Monaco arrested

Banker to the famous faces charges over alleged siphoning of $10m from celebrities including Michael Schumacher. A senior British banker who worked for the private banking arm of HSBC in Monaco has been arrested in connection with the disappearance of $10m (6.8m) from the accounts of rich and famous customers, including champion racing driver Michael […]

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Elon Musk hands over first Tesla Model 3 electric cars to buyers

With half a million orders for the $35,000, 350km-range vehicle, the upstart carmaker faces its biggest test Tesla boss Elon Musk has handed over the first of what he hopes will be a mass-market electric car to employee buyers,setting the stage for the biggest test yet of the companys plans to revolutionise the auto industry. […]

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Orange Order: Protestants told not to use RIP as it is Catholic superstition

Five hundred years after reformation, Northern Irelands Orange Order says RIP is un-Protestant and un-biblical The Orange Order has advised its members and all those who consider themselves Protestant to stop using the phrase RIP to offer sympathy after a person has died because it is un-Protestant, un-biblical and a superstition connected to Catholicism. An […]

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SZA: The record company took my hard drive from me

The R&B singer endorsed by Beyonc and Kendrick Lamar explains why her much delayed album was finally and forcibly released Last year, Solna Rowe walked away from music for good. She was 25, and she had been putting out EPs as SZA (say it like scissor) since 2012, when rapper/producer Terrence Punch Henderson stumbled across […]

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I dont like doing this, my father frowned, fixing my hair. But he did it anyway

Growing up in a white family, Georgina Lawton faced a long and sometimes arduous journey of discovery about her racial identity. Here, she reveals how she learned to stop fighting her curly hair My skin is too dark to show a blush, but I came pretty close a few years ago when, as a University of Warwick undergraduate, […]

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Specialized Mailing Lists Make All the Difference

Specialized Mailing Lists Make All the Difference If there is one thing I can’t say enough it is that the most important part of your mailing campaign is your mailing list. It is vital that you put the right amount of energy into learning about lists – who to mail to – so that your […]

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Blind date: She thinks Im a sad, naive hipster

Did 24-year-old student Tom and headhunter Willow, 23, hit it off? Tom on Willow What were you hoping for?A story for my friends to embarrass me with at parties. First impressions?She was gorgeous, in that effortless, graceful way. What did you talk about?Older men, the Guyliners blog. Any awkward moments?Probably when I told her she […]

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Mohamed El Bachiri: Terrorists killed my wife: this is my jihad for love

Mohamed El Bachiris wife, Loubna, died in a suicide attack in Brussels last year. He talks to Emma Beddington about his manifesto for peace and bringing up three sons on his own On 22 March 2016, Loubna Lafquiri left her home in Khalid El Bakraoui detonated an explosive device as the train they were travelling on […]

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