June 2017


New Zealand gave Peter Thiel citizenship after he spent just 12 days there

Minister defends approving PayPal co-founders application, saying he has been a great ambassador for New Zealand Peter Thiel, the billionaire co-founder of Paypal, was granted was granted New Zealand citizenship in June 2011, after taking four brief trips to the country. He made it clear he had no immediate plans to settle in the country. […]

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White House could offer to roll back sanctions in first Trump-Putin meeting

First meeting of two presidents could see Russia regain access to diplomatic compounds blocked after interference in 2016 US election, say former officials Donald Trump has told White House aides to come up with possible concessions to offer as bargaining chips in his planned meeting next week with Vladimir Putin, according to two former officials […]

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iPhone at 10: how it changed everything

Alex Hern bought the first iPhone a decade ago. As it celebrates its 10th anniversary, he looks back on how it changed the world and his life Ten years ago today, the first iPhone hit stores in the US. On paper, the device was nothing special: it lacked the 3G connectivity which was becoming standard […]

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What Items Should Be in My Car Emergency Survival Kit?

Everyone who owns a car should carry a car survival kit with them at all times. This is especially true for anyone who will be driving in remote areas. Even if you are simply planning a short drive across town, it is wise to have your survival kit with you in case of an accident […]

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Why the world should pay attention to Americas civil war over healthcare

Proposed changes to healthcare system go much further than NHS privatization and exposes lack of social solidarity in America For observers around the world, Tuesdays setback for Senate Republicans in their attempt to reverse Barack Obamas healthcare reforms may seem like another perplexing chapter in Americas checkered history with the issue. While Britain and other […]

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O Canada, never stop being weird | Emer OToole

They say my adopted country, 150 this year, is dull. From puppets to survivalism, the truth is far stranger Canada Day is approaching, and its a big one, because the country Welcome to Canada handbook details the nations geography, climate, system of government, rights and freedoms, laws, and more. Yet it left mestrangely bereft of […]

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How to live without plastic bottles…

Our dependence on plastic has to end as we contribute to an estimated 12m tonnes entering our oceans, polluting marine life, every year Staying hydrated is good for our health. But contributing to the ever growing mound of waste plastic is not only bad for the planet, but for our wellbeing too. The global demand […]

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Mafia gangs move to Germany as business hits hard times in Sicily

Details obtained by the Guardian reveal extent to which Sicilian mafia clans are migrating north after running into financial problems in Italy Sicilian mafia clans are decamping north to Germany in search of business opportunities in response to poor economic conditions in southern Europe and an Italian government crackdown on organised crime. Details obtained by […]

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Brexit could blow 20bn hole in EU budget, warns European commissioner

Gnther Oettinger says need to finance new initiatives in areas such as defence and security means gap could be twice as much Britains withdrawal from the EU could leave the remaining 27 countries with a 20bn a year hole in their budget, requiring additional EU taxes to fill the gap, the European commission has said. […]

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Philippines says beheaded civilians found in Isis-held town

Seventy-one security force personnel and 299 militants killed and 246,000 people displaced in conflict since 23 May Five decapitated civilians were found in a Philippine city occupied by Islamist rebels on Wednesday, the military said, warning the number of residents killed by rebel atrocities could rise sharply as troops retake more ground. The discovery of […]

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