May 2017


Baghdad ice-cream shop targeted in Isis car bomb attack

Thirteen killed and dozens wounded after car bomb explodes outside ice-cream shop in central Baghdad during Ramadan A car bomb has exploded outside an ice-cream shop in central Baghdad, killing 15 people and wounding 24, hospital and police officials said. The Islamic State militant group claimed responsibility for the attack, which Iraqi officials said involved […]

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Rebel Canadian grocer Pirate Joe’s prepares for Trader Joe’s court battle

One of the most popular grocery stores in the US will attempt to prove that its unsanctioned Canadian cousin has affected its commerce and trademark rights To your average person, a 6oz bag of dried pineapple is a non-threatening treat. To the cherished grocery store chain Trader Joes, that and other products including black bean […]

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Philippine army battles to contain Isis attacks from spreading to second city

Curfews and heavy military presence in Iligan, a city of 350,000, amid fears Islamist militants may seek to expand conflict Police and security services have imposed a night-time curfew and increased their presence in a second Philippine city following reports that Islamist militants fighting fierce battles in Marawi might pose as civilians to sneak out […]

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‘Not the path of Lincoln’

Discussing his new book, Wrestling With His Angel, the Clinton adviser and historian considers the 16th president and his most unlikely successor In the beginning, its a life, says Sidney Blumenthal. And times. For the first 129 pages of Wrestling With His Angel, the second of four volumes on Abraham Lincoln that the 45th president […]

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Hamza bin Laden a potent weapon in the rivalry between al-Qaida and Isis

Son of Osama bin Laden called for strikes against Jews and Crusaders 10 days before Manchester suicide bombing His name alone is enough to guarantee headlines and the attention of the worlds security services. Though only about 25 years old, his words are urgently picked over by analysts and officials seeking to understand the new […]

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Bangladeshi girls being trained how to avoid online predators

With an alarming rise in cybercrimes, often including blackmail, police offer workshops for thousands of teenagers What their attackers bet on is shame: in a conservative society, the horror of an intimate photo leaking, or rumours being spread, is enough to buy a teenage girls silence. We didnt even know anyone could harm us through […]

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US army veterans find peace in protecting rhinos from poaching

In northern South Africa, former soldiers are fighting both the illegal wildlife trade and the twin scourges of unemployment and PTSD The sun has set over the scrubby savannah. The moon is full. It is time for Ryan Tate and his men to go to work. In camouflage fatigues, they check their weapons and head […]

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Teenagers’ sleep quality and mental health at risk over late-night mobile phone use

Researchers advise physical boundaries over devices in bedrooms after study finds poor sleep associated with phone use linked to depressed moods Teenagers late-night mobile phone use is harming their sleep and potentially their mental health, say researchers who advised that physical boundaries be set over use of such devices in the bedroom. A longitudinal study […]

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North Korea’s missile tests

(CNN)North Korea has fired 12 missiles during nine tests in 2017. Read more:

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JFK at 100: Trump comparisons fuel nostalgia for ‘Camelot’

The 35th US presidents legacy remains questionable, but his latest successors travails makes many yearn for a more eloquent leader On 14 June 1956, then-senator John Fitzgerald Kennedy delivered the Donald John Trump. The jarring contrast between Americas 35th and 45th presidents will be writ large on Monday, when Trump will speak at a wreath-laying […]

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