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#TBT: Margaret Chase Smith and her ‘place in the sun’

(CNN)It’s hard to say what Margaret Chase Smith is best remembered for. During her three decades in Congress, Chase served in both chambers and gave one of the Senate’s most memorable speeches. If that wasn’t enough of a mark, she also ran for president. Margaret Chase was born in Maine[…]

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Anarchist Cookbook author William Powell dies aged 66

Man behind manual for violent rebellion, used in a number of high-profile killings, had long repented publishing and turned to charitable work The author of one of the most notorious books of the last century died of a heart attack six months ago. William Powells The Anarchist Cookbook was used[…]

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Zanzibar: A taste of Africa’s Spice Islands

(CNN)“Have you seen ‘The Lion King’?” “That’s where we are going! Hakuna Matata Spice Farm!” shouts my tour guide Aben Rehan, gripping the wheel and laughing as he repeats the Swahili phrase made famous by the 1994 Disney film. I’ve been in Zanzibar for less than a day but have[…]

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This skyscraper is out of this world — literally

Atlanta (CNN)Feeling too fancy for normal earth-bound existence? A new skyscraper concept would elevate your living situation — literally. Clouds Architecture Office has unveiled plans for a futuristic skyscraper dubbed the “Analemma Tower.” The building would hover majestically above the ground because it would be attached — wait for it[…]

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