January 2017


I still feel like Andy Murray, says world tennis No1 after knighthood

Andy Murray says he is happy to have received a knighthood in the New Year honours and that it is a welcome boost to start the new year Andy Murray says he is happy to have a Sir in front of his name even if it will take some getting used to. The world No1 […]

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Surging stock markets say Trump isa conman and May a phoney | Andrew Rawnsley

Markets are betting that they wont address the economic grievances that propelled both of them to power So you thought 2016 was an unpredictable bastard. Now meet 2017, his wilder sister. This is the year that Supreme Court will deliver later this month. But Article 50 is going to be triggered in the next 12 […]

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Themes of 2016: Progressive parties have to address the peoples anger in 2017 | Michael Sandel

Many voters who felt left behind, both culturally and economically, made their presence felt last year. Trump and Brexit were the direct results The election of Donald Trump and the triumph of Brexit the two political earthquakes of 2016 resulted from the populist protest, or to view that protest only in economic terms, misses the […]

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Clive James: Even the most trite Netflix drama is too slick to be ignored

There was once some hope of turning off the set and reading a book A generous friend has given me a The Crown, and then cope again with the horrible information that they havent even finished making it. Also on Netflix, the series Ryan Phillippe, is mainly aremake of the already ageing Mark Wahlberg in […]

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Donald Trump abandons press pool again as he plays golf at Florida club

President-elect heads to his club in Jupiter in what aide calls last-minute trip ahead of New Years Eve party at Mar-a-Lago club President-elect Donald Trump ditched his press pool once again on Saturday, causing frustration among journalists on hand to ensure the public had knowledge of his whereabouts by travelling without them to play golf […]

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Theresa Mays new year message: Ill fight remainers case in Europe, too

Prime minister acknowledges divisive effect of Brexit vote with pledge to seek beneficial relationship with EU Theresa May has used her new year message to reassure those who voted for Britain to stay in the European Union that she will fight for their interests around the negotiating table in Europe this year. on track for […]

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Images of the Displaced

The ferocity of crises worldwide is forcing a record number of people to flee their homes, seeking some form of safety within their own country or across international borders. There are 65.3 million displaced people worldwide, including 21.3 million refugees. Most have lost their homes to armed conflict or natural disasters but other factors, such […]

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