December 2016


FBI and Homeland Security detail Russian hacking campaign in new report

Experts say report is too little too late and comes after several others from private sector detailing alleged exploits of groups Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and FBI have released an analysis of the allegedly Russian government-sponsored hacking groups blamed for breaching several different parts of the Democratic


Jrgen Klopp hails Pep Guardiola for choosing difficult Premier League

Liverpools German manager said his Manchester City counterpart took a risk but added that his clear philosophy stands him in good stead Jrgen Klopp has said Pep Guardiola deserves credit for testing a fantastic career in the Premier League when easier options were available to the former Bayern Munich manager. The two Bundesliga-winning coaches face


Thatcher's resignation shocked politicians in US and USSR, files show

Emotional Henry Kissinger called to say it was worse than a death in the family and Soviet ambassador reported consternation Margaret Thatchers resignation as British prime minister provoked tears in Washington and consternation in Moscow, according to a secret Downing Street file released on Friday. Henry Kissinger rang Downing Street in a very emotional state