Media Fakery


Trump violated Cuba embargo in 1998 business venture, report claims

Clinton camp seizes on Newsweek report Republican nominee spent $68,000 on investigation of business opportunities, which US law made illegal The Clinton campaign on Thursday attacked Donald Trump over reports of an historic violation of the Cuba embargo, hours after seemed to acknowledge that Trump had indeed spent money in[…]

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Pokmon Go maker taken to court over players on beaches

Case will be heard in the Hague court after mobile-game developer failed to respond to requests to remove Pokmon from protected areas in Kijkduin Authorities in the Netherlands are taking Niantic Labs, developers of the smash hit mobile game Pokmon Go, to court after it failed to stop hordes of[…]

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Nevada rules funding for school voucher program is unconstitutional

The hotly-debated program is seen as the broadest school choice initiative in the country, allowing parents to access $5,000 in public funds each year The Nevada supreme court has ruled that the states voucher-style education savings accounts program seen as the broadest school choice initiative in the country has an[…]

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Obamas host Simone Biles and 2016 Olympians for White House visit

Event was also attended by relatives of Jesse Owens and Americas 17 other black athletes from the 1936 Olympics for the acknowledgement they did not receive Gymnast Simone Biles stood tall at the White House on Thursday though not quite as tall as first lady Michelle Obama. The 19-year-old Olympian[…]

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