August 2016


Flight MH370 was flown into water, says crash expert

Larry Vance tells 60 Minutes the flaperon found in Madagascar was extended at time of landing, suggesting rogue pilot brought plane down A section of wing from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 shows evidence it was extended upon landing, suggesting a rogue pilot brought it down, an air crash expert says. World expert air crash


Kabul shaken by large explosion on city's outskirts

Taliban claim responsibility for blast in Pul-e-Charkhi neighbourhood of Afghan capital that occurred at same time as widespread power cuts A large explosion rocked Kabul early on Monday morning, jolting the Afghan capital awake. The blast, which occurred at about 1.30am local time, appeared to target a hotel for foreigners on the outskirts of the


Cats review  kitsch, dated  yet strangely adorable

Theres no plot, no subtext and no apparent point, but the tunes including Memory, sung by Leona Lewis drill into your brain like a flesh-eating worm For the entirety of the two hours I sat watching Statler and Waldorf routine going on in my mind. This revival is TERRIBLE, I thought; hideously dated, boring, empty,