July 2016


Why The Bad Boy Is Now The New Prince Charming

Have you ever noticed that women are always complaining that they cant find a nice guy and whenthey FINALLY meet one they lose interest in him because hes too nice? LOL. Theres no easy way to say this but women dont want a nice guy. They finish last. Every. Single. Time.Now, dont get me wrong, […]

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5 Signs The Person Youre Dating Will Never Commit to You

Timing is a really tricky beast when it comes to getting a commitment from the person youre with. They might actually be marriage material in a way long term sense, but you might have showed up at the wrong time to get anything deeper. If youre wondering why the person youre with isnt making a […]

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5 Ways To Tell If Hes Really Interested Or If Youre Just An Option

For years, weve told men they dont listen to women. After weeks of helping multiple girl friends through their dating lives.Its become evident that women are at least as guilty as their male counterparts, when it comes to listening. Instead of listening to the male which interests them; theyre trying to force love with these […]

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Eating Disorder Recovery: More Than Simply Loving Your Body

Ive been there. I lied awake at night planning my meals for the next day. I planned my schedule around when I would eat and how many calories it would cost me. I exercised and exercised until my joints hurt. I refused invites to spend time with my loving family and friends, because spending time […]

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When She Finally Realized How Much More She Deserved

There were two ways he said, fuck you to her. The first was his favorite, and it was said hard and fast, with a clear emphasis on the F. It was as if the look in his eye said it for him. The second was said nonchalantly, and it was accompanied with an eye roll. […]

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The Introverts Nine Circles Of Hell

Abandon all hope, ye introverts who enter here Circle 1: Networking In this circle the introvert souls writhe and groan as they are forced to shake hands, drink coffee out of urns, and listen to people talk about being disruptors. They howl in wretchedness and engage in small talk while dressed in smart casual attire. […]

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23 Honest (And Hilarious) Vows Every Millennial Couple Needs To Make Right Now

1. I promise that I will only make fun of your ugly sleeping face every other night, instead of every single night. 2.I vow to apologize whenever I scream at you to “turn your fucking alarm off!” in a slumberous fit of rage. 3. I promise to be the one to handle the food delivery […]

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25 People On The One Piece Of Sex Advice They Wish They Could Give Their Younger Self

1. I would tell myself to never let myself feel like I needed to have sex with a guy for him to like me. Sex is important in a relationship but dont ever do it just because you feel like you have to. Abby, 23 2. Wait for the right person because youll never get […]

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7 Life-Changing Novels You Must Read Before You Adult

Are you in the latter part of your teenage years and dont know how to adult? Do you even have the slightest idea of how the adult world looks like? Seems hard to answer, but maybe novels can help you prepare for your next big step. Huh? Novels? Why yes! But dont get me wrong, […]

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16 Things Every Girl Is Praying All Guys Stop Doing In Bed Immediately

1. Please stop with the whole “back of the head” grab and push thing when we’re going down on you. We’ve it. We are very aware of what to do thank you KINDLY. All you’re doing is A) hurting us OR B) pissing us off. Or both. You’re also creating a potential gagging scenario and […]

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