June 2016


32 delicious condiments we can’t live without

(CNN)Prefer to pack a bottle of fish sauce than an extra pair of shoes? Think a jar of local chili paste sounds like a great travel souvenir? Only feel comfortable when there’s three types of vinegar and no less than four soy sauces to choose from? Another pride of Britain in the condiment world, we […]

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Charity on Trump list linked to telemarketer accused of deception

New York (CNN)One of the veterans’ charities receiving money from the Donald J. Trump Foundation is also linked to a Michigan telemarketing firm that’s been accused of deceptive statements by the Minnesota attorney general. Two companies which solicited donations for the Foundation for American Veterans, based in suburban Detroit, were named in a civil suit […]

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Clinton’s flood-the-zone Trump strategy

Washington (CNN)Hillary Clinton is mounting a more aggressive effort to confront Donald Trump head-on over topics her campaign sees as winners — and taking a page out of Trump’s playbook to do it. The likely Democratic presidential nominee is attempting to take down Trump by zeroing in on individual issues, starting with housing and veterans’ […]

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Republicans for Hillary?

(CNN)Doug Elmets’ home sits as a proud time capsule to his Reagan-era roots: Framed pictures adorn the walls of a 21-year-old Elmets gripping the hand of his political hero, President Ronald Reagan; a two-foot tall bronze statue of the 40th President sits on an end table; his signed letter of congratulations to Elmets and his […]

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